FxOro Review – Is FxOro Scam or Satisfactory as a Broker?

FxOro Review

FxOro logoFxOro is a versatile and trader-friendly broker working in the market for the last 9 years. Thousands of assets are traded each day, and millions around the world are attempting to make money from online trading.  After all, everybody is hearing success stories about people who made huge profits in these industries, and it must also be emphasized that there are enormous failures too in online trading. You definitely don’t want to be in the second category and would rather be in first. To achieve that goal, you must know that your choices of broker can have a significant impact. Read this FxOro review to know about this broker and online trading in general.

Please remember that, although online trading may appear to be easy, it takes passion, the capacity to concentrate, and a huge amount of care. The online trading market requires your whole attention, and your path may be challenging at the start. This does not imply that you will lose all of your money and will be forced to stop trading. However, if you continue to believe that online trading is simple and requires little time, you should rethink your options.

The assets you choose to trade, as well as the funds you invest, will decide how much revenue you generate. Similarly, your choice to enhance your abilities and understanding will be an influence, but it is not the only one. The broker you choose to trade in the capital markets will play the most important role. These are your stepping stones into the financial world since they give you access to the marketplaces, a trading platform, and other instruments and characteristics that are essential for trading. This implies that you need a firm that is best in their business to assist you in reaching your objectives.

If the trading platform you choose falls short in any manner, you will suffer a lot in your career. Is it tough to choose a broker? When you start shopping for a shirt, for example, you will notice that the shops are also filled with a lot of possibilities in this regard. Similarly, a wealth of firms has sprouted up, each claiming to be the best. If you believed them all, you would have to create an account with every trading platform, that is nearly impossible.

Additionally, if you have conducted any research, you will have noticed that some fake brokers have exploited customers by taking their personal details or walking away with their money. This should serve as a warning, not every brokerage is trustworthy. You should not rely solely on their promises and should properly investigate and research the firm before putting your trust in them. The same you should do with FxOro.

FxOro website

FxOro was created in 2012 by a single businessman who also worked in finance with the primary objective of providing unique trading solutions. I conducted this research for you to show if it’s a trustworthy broker or not. To figure out the solution, look at its features and services.

The Trading Platform of FxOro

Before trusting any firm or service, you must first verify that they are devoted to assisting you. The type of trading platform provided by a broker might give you a decent idea of just how much they value their customers. A firm that does not value its consumers will fail in the long term. Customers nowadays have too many options, and if they do not receive what they want, they will easily switch to another firm. FxOro surely does not fail in this area because they have assured that their customers receive the finest trading platforms available.

Because the trading platform is in charge of trading activity, it must function flawlessly because any malfunction or difficulty with its efficiency can have a consequence on the trader’s performance. FxOro has chosen the MT4 trading platform to assure that there are no objections. If you look for the greatest trading platform on the market, MT4 will come up. This is the most widely used trading platform, with traders of all degrees using it all over the globe. It has been designed in compliance with market standards and performs accordingly.

The MT4 platform provides traders with all they require in one spot, from placing an order to monitoring assets and managing trades. Because it provides one-click trading, it provides a brilliant environment and enables customers to enjoy quick trades execution. Because it is incredibly innovative, users will have no problems browsing the platform and wouldn’t have any additional research to understand it. If you don’t want to trade manually each time, MT4 also offers algo trading.

In terms of functionality, FxOro has made certain that the platform offers some of the greatest. It has excellent charting capabilities, and you will find a selection of charts that can assist traders in detecting and tracking trends in order to make sound judgments. They are also provided with trade signals and custom indicators that can be useful. The most recent market news is also provided, and all outcomes are displayed in real-time to help traders understand what is going on.

The best aspect is that FxOro provides the whole range of MT4 platforms, so you may download the desktop version on your Mac or Windows device. It is simple to download and install, and you can begin trading immediately. If you do not want to go through the process, you can use the WebTrader version, which does not require downloading. Instead, you can access it by going to the FxOro website. Most notably, they have provided clients with the option of downloading the MT4 mobile apps, which are accessible for both the Android and iOS ecosystems.

They are equally responsive and quick and have been outfitted with all of the required tools and features to make trading simple. With this option, FxOro allows its clients to trade from anywhere in the world while maintaining complete control over their accounts, allowing them to know their bottom line and make sound decisions.

FxOro trading platform

An Authorized Broker

When you start searching at a brokerage in the capital sector, you will see primarily two kinds of traders. There are authorized and unauthorized brokers, and you have to select the type that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for a reliable broker, go with a registered one because they don’t mind being supervised by a third person and have met specific standards and regulations to gain authorization status. While unauthorized brokers do not adhere to any set of rules and instead devise their own regulations.

In terms of FxOro, you will discover that it is an authorized broker firm. It is controlled by some of the world’s most recognizable and famous organizations, which provides you peace of mind because you know it must be a legal firm to have been awarded this position.

If you have any worries regarding the authorization, you can always verify their license on the broker’s website and double-check. When it comes to offering their services, they adhere to satisfactory standards, norms, and regulations and are transparent and genuine about all of their actions.

FxOro’s Security Features

After you’ve confirmed a broker’s regulatory position, it’s time to look at their cybersecurity features before you put your trust in them. As cybercrimes are increasing security has become critical in today’s age. Each day, there will be headlines about firm sites being hacked and customers’ investments and credentials stolen. These are unpleasant repercussions that you wish to avoid, but this is only doable if the trading firm you select does not leave you unprotected.

It will not be a problem with FxOro since, according to their regulations, they are required to comply with global security laws such as AML and KYC. These laws require every trader to verify identification and residency in order to detect and combat terrorist funding, money laundering, identity theft, and financial fraud. Traders must submit credentials to prove their identity, and after the documents have been confirmed they can utilize the firm’s services.

Furthermore, FxOro employs powerful SSL encryption to protect all data input on their platform, as well as to keep payment information private. They also keep separate accounts for their customers, which are maintained with some of Europe’s largest and credible banks to ensure the protection of funds. In addition, because FxOro is authorized by CySEC, it is a member of ICF. This implies that traders will be compensated if the company discontinues its services or goes bankrupt.

On FxOro’s platform, there is also a Privacy Policy that explains what data the firm collects and how it is utilized. With such security mechanisms, it is apparent that the organization prioritizes customer protection.

Account Options At FxOro

When you are done looking at the available trading products, it’s time to turn your attention to the account options that will be accessible to you. These provide extra information that how committed the brokerage is to catering and accommodating its clients’ needs. If they are overly restrictive, it indicates that they are not willing to develop long-term relationships with customers, which should be regarded as a red flag. However, this is not the case with FxOro. They, like the majority of brokerage firms in the market, also provide their clients with a variety of account options from which to choose.

The goal of providing these choices is to make sure that each trader can get an account that matches their risk tolerance. As no two traders are alike and have unique preferences. FxOro offers three account options, which are as follows:

  • Fix:

Since it has fixed spreads, the first account that FxOro has to offer is for the newbie and beginner traders, as the name implies. This instantly eradicates the risks that are associated with trading as you will know how much money you will spend when you enter a trade. However, there is a disadvantage in that the spreads begin at 2 pips, that is on the large end. This account has a leverage of 1:400 and full margin capability. In this account, no commission is charged.

  • Floating:

The following account option is intended for more advanced and skilled traders because the spreads are not fixed here. They begin at 1.2 pips but may be lowered to 0.3 pips in some cases if market conditions warrant. There are no commissions in this account, and the leverage starts at 1:200. The account’s stop-out level is set at 25%.

  • ECN:

FxOro’s final account type is known as ECN, and it is designed for professional traders. It has the cheapest spreads, which start at 0 pips and have a stop-out level of around 50%, and there is a commission in this account, and the leverage is 1:100.

  • Islamic Account:

To better serve its customers, FxOro has also added the option of Islamic account to every account option. These are essentially swap-free accounts that can be opened by Sharia-compliant traders who demand interest-free accounts to start trading.

Trading Assets

Assessing a broker’s trading platform is undoubtfully very important as it can help determine how devoted they are, but that isn’t the end of the process. Before you decide whether or not to trust the company, you must consider another factor. This is the time to look into the trading products that they have to offer because while every broker will promise you a profitable combination but not all of them will be able to deliver. FxOro also promises to provide its clients with access to the most important assets and financial markets.

When you look at their asset index, you’ll notice that FxOro has added over 250 financial instruments on their platform, proving their claim. A closer look reveals that they do indeed provide assets from various financial markets, allowing traders to practice diversification, which allows them to keep their risks to a minimum while maximizing their profits. If you’re curious to know what kind of trading products are available, consider the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies:

Beginning with one of the most popular, FxOro has responded to market demand by including these digital currencies in its offerings. Because of the huge increase in the financial market caused by these products alone, they have got to add options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to better serve their clients.

  • Indices:

If you don’t like to trade individual stocks and would rather trade a group of stocks, the indices market is the place to do so. It is known as quite profitable because it takes the big picture into account, and you will discover some of the most lucrative options.

  • Forex:

Fiat currencies are also accessible at FxOro since they are a part of the world’s largest financial market, which has a trading volume of trillions of dollars. This platform has more than 60 currency pairs, including EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and EUR/GBP. You can trade them around the clock, five days a week, without paying a commission.

  • Commodities:

The commodities market, which is a comparatively safer option, is yet another opportunity that traders can explore on FxOro. They can choose soft commodities, which are agricultural items such as coffee, corn, cocoa, and wheat, or hard commodities, which are precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper. Indeed, you can trade energy commodities such as crude oil and natural gas which are also available.

  • Stocks:

Another popular financial market, the stock market offers a wide range of opportunities, so FxOro has also added stock (Contract for Difference) CFDs to the mix. This means you don’t own the stocks themselves, but rather a contract forecasting their price movement. You would not be authorized to a dividend, but you will benefit from price fluctuations. You can look into stocks from companies like Netflix, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Educational Resources at FxOro

If you’ve done any research on reputable brokers, you’ll know that they provide their clients with access to learning resources and educational materials. FxOro does the same as it wants to meet its clients’ needs to the fullest. On their website, you will find all sorts of educational materials that can be extremely beneficial to everyone. Not only beginners and newcomers can get benefit from this and expand their knowledge; mediocre and seasoned traders can also smooth their skills and enhance their strategies.

These resources are available in a variety of formats, which makes them useful. There are numerous e-books available, as well as basic and in-depth courses, tutorials, and a glossary of trading jargon. Most importantly, FxOro arranges webinars that are led by financial market experts and can provide a lot of insight on how do they work.

When all of FxOro features and aspects are considered, it is easy to conclude that it is a reliable and authentic brokerage capable of assisting traders of all calibers.


FxOro is a versatile broker in my opinion that’s why I am not hesitant to recommend it to you. It has multiple trading accounts, so traders can join any account of their preference. The addition of Islamic accounts is also appreciable. The minimum deposit is just 200 euros. Its customer support is reliable, moreover, the trading assets are enough to diverse one’s portfolio. FxOro’s Educational assistance and compliance with security regulations are the reasons why it is growing in popularity among traders.

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