Australian Hacker Stole All Images Associated with NFTs Minted on Solana and Ethereum Blockchains

The non-fungible token or NFT is a digital image or artwork that cannot be copied or duplicated by anyone else. However, in recent times there are many people who have given rise to the NFT art collection market. Several NFT artworks have been sold for a massive amount of money in the recent day and age.

Australian hacker named Geoffery Huntley has gotten away with stealing all the NFTs that were minted on Ethereum and Solana networks. The hacker has planned to share his spoils with the rest of the world too. He has posted a torrent link of all the pirated images on his Twitter page. The 17.96 terabyte archive files are available for public access at Pirate Bay.

It is worth noting that a single NFT artwork can range somewhere from thousands to billions of dollars. However, Australian hacker Huntley believes that the NFT art market is the new Tulip Mania of the modern era. One Twitter user also asked him about how he managed to get the space to host such a massive amount of data.

He replied that he had to rent a new server from bare-metal to make the transition possible. It is not a new phenomenon for people to mock the buyers of JPEG images with such a massive price tag. The rent of the server caused the hacker $200 per month, but he claims that all the work and money invested in this project was worth it.

NFT Market Keeps Growing

The biggest NFT art market in the world, called OpenSea, is currently valued at $10 billion. Nevertheless, the critics continue to show their defiance towards this new medium of expression. Last week, one online activist made a mosaic of right-clickers with 10 thousand NFT images.

Recently, the popular NFT art collection called the Bored Monkey Yacht Club made rounds on social media networks. The three Bored Monkey NFTs were stolen from the owners of the discord server hack attempt. The owner, Calvin Becerra, took to Twitter to claim that the hacker was posing as tech support who offered him help with his cryptocurrency wallet. It is worth noting that each of the Bored Monkey NFT is valued at over a million USD.

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