26 Blockchain Game Firms Call Out Valve For Its Decision To Ban Content Related To Crypto

The advocacy group for digital rights “Fight for the Future,” “Enjin,”  “Blockchain Game Alliance,” and 26 other firms for games have voiced that Valve (a corporation for video games) should reconsider the decision thereof for not permitting the content concerning the nonfungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrencies via the marketplace thereof called Steam. As per a letter issued on 26th October by Fight for the Future, the projects and firms are demanding Valve to lift the prohibition made by it over the whole software category from its Steam venue, and take the opportunity regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The onboarding process was updated by Steam on 14th October for the partners thereof by stating that no applications constructed over blockchain technology allowing or issuing the NFTs or cryptocurrencies would have any permission. The games based on blockchain are paving a new way for a lot of concepts to evolve the industry of gaming in facilitating publishers and players alike, as stated by Sebastien Borget (the President of Blockchain Game Alliance). He added that by cutting this highly important segment, we are ignoring its significant role in the extraordinary progress and development having been achieved by the crypto industry throughout this year.

As per Fight for the Future, NFTs and DAOs can assist in developing blockchain-based games which are player-focused, democratic, interactive, and more decentralized. It requested Valve by mentioning that the platform should consider revising the decision by allowing the utilization of the technology of blockchain over its Steam venue. It has been reported earlier in the current month that this move could turn out to be financially detrimental to Valve because the growth of blockchain technology is prevalent nowadays. New active wallets linked to decentralized gaming applications touched a cumulative amount of up to 754,000 during the Q3 of this year.

Several games provide an opportunity for the players to acquire the rewards of real-world tokens and in-game trade of NFTs providing a path for further adoption of crypto. Witek Radomski, the CTO of Enjin, stated in an AMA of Reddit that the decentralized network is a genie that cannot be put back into the bottle of centralization. Valve has formerly aimed at blockchain and crypto on the Steam marketplace thereof. In 2018, the firm eliminated a game through which the consumers’ computers got hijacked for the mining of cryptocurrency.