• Binance Coin Sees Strong Bullish Run After Crash
    Binance Coin is the latest coin in the list of the digital assets that have seen massive jumps ok the back of yesterday’s dip. The dip yesterday was led by a not so surprising force, Bitcoin as major altcoins saw red to close out the day. The highest decline recorded were still from the first and second digital asset, Bitcoin and Ethereum. While Ethereum saw a big loss that placed it to sell at $1,900 from the $2,400 it sold in the previous days before that, Bitcoin, which just broke […]
  • Bitcoin Cash Sees Slight Decline To Trade At $877
    Bitcoin Cash is presently trading at a 20% decline after failing to overcome the $1,200 resistance. The digital asset industry is currently in the red zone as major coins have declines as high as 20%, which could be a correction after the continuous price growth. Bitcoin Cash is still trading above the $800 mark, but if it loses the support level, it could decline as low as $600. The asset HSS breached the $1,000 support, and its following line of action could mean more losses for holders. This […]
  • Dogecoin Falls To $0.26 As Coin Declines By 30%
    Some days ago, Doge impressed the digital asset space by surging as high as 80%, but this was short-lived as the coin is losing more value than ever in the last few days. Dogecoin holders have enjoyed the continuous rally that took the asset as high as 362%, but the declines might mean that the coin sees some corrections after the attractive gains. Experts believe that the corrections would continue until some changes occur, such as another rally. Doge is known as one of the most volatile […]
  • Dogecoin Makes Huge Leap To Double Its YTD As Bitcoin Falters
    The preferred meme of cryptocurrency has just delivered about 12,600 percent gains in one year and might have established some millionaires. DOGE (Dogecoin), the meme altcoin which is now a favorite topic for Elon Musk, is doubled in a day to reach an unprecedented $0.29. DOGE Outshines Others Dogecoin has unbelievably become the eighth-biggest crypto by market caps; it surpasses Litecoin, Chainlink, and Uniswap. Presently, one DOGE trades at about $0.25. At the same time, gains on the […]
  • Goldman Sachs CEO Confirms That They Are Still Observing Bitcoin
    The most significant and most valuable digital assets of the cryptocurrency market- Bitcoin, continues not to be short of admirers. As many retail and institutional investors continue to flock around the digital asset. However, it appears that while there has been an increase in institutional investors adopting the cryptocurrency, it appears that traditional firms like Banks and investment firms have continued to increase their interest in the cryptocurrency. Speaking to the press earlier […]

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