• Bitcoin (BTC) Dips Beneath $17K Amid Recession Fears
    Thursday saw the market boost from Wednesday’s Fed Chair speech fading as market players realized that though the interest rate hike pace may reduce, the truth remains that the rates remained elevated. And there is a massive chance that the economy could be awaiting a recession. Such realizations welcomed a mixed day within the traditional markets, with stocks plunging amid Thursday morning pressure, spending the remaining hours of the day attempting to recover to their highs. Meanwhile, […]
  • Ethereum Bulls to Target $1.4K Amid Dovish Fed Chatter & Softer Inflation
    BTC and ETH joined Wednesday’s broad market rally amid another bullish session. Eased FTX taint risk, Federal Chair Powell, and news of China contemplating soft COVID-19 restrictions delivered a market upside. Nevertheless, the market presented mixed morning actions, with investors shifting attention to the United States economic calendar. Ethereum stretched Tuesday’s 4.20% surge with a 6.50% uptick on Wednesday to end the day near $1,296. The optimistic moves saw Ethereum visiting […]
  • If ETH Doesn’t Beat $1,300, Its Price Recovery Could Fail
    Ethereum price is currently consolidating above the $1,200 support level versus the US Dollar. The asset could begin to have a steady rise if it goes beyond the $1,300 resistance level and sustains itself there.  Facing Stiff Resistance Ethereum has been confronted with stiff resistance close to $1,240 and $1,250. It currently trades below $1,240 and the 100-hour simple moving average.  There is a major bearish line being created along with significant resistance close to $1,240 on the ETH/USD […]
  • Ethereum Becomes Deflationary, First Time After Merge
    It is possible for Ethereum’s price to still dip lower because of the technical setup around it. Also because of the reduced number of whales.  Higher Burn Rates Ethereum’s annual supply rate dropped to under zero for the first time since the Merge was completed. The Merge was Ethereum’s movement from the proof-of-work protocol to the proof-of-stake. What is the reason for the current deflation? It is the increased on-chain activities in the midst of the massive crypto market crash. As of the […]
  • Chainlink Rises to $9.2 for the First Time in 3 Months
    The popular on-chain data platform, Santiment, has made a comment on the latest LINK price increase. It comes in the midst of the very volatile crypto market while some assets are recording losses. The general question has been; what could have been responsible for LINK’s sudden price miracle?  Behind the Spike Santiment’s analytic team has worked around a number of possible reasons. But they eventually narrowed it down to two possibilities. They postulate two possible reasons that could have […]
  • Ethereum Falls Short of $1,600, On-Chain Metric Hit 2018 High
    Glassnode’s automated alert service, Glassnode Alerts, has reported an increase in the number of Ethereum tokens. The service system reported that there was an increase in the number of Ethereum tokens that have not moved for 12 months and 24 months.  Dormant Ethereum Rise Glassnode’s data also said the number of dormant Ethereum tokens has gotten to a four-year high now. The platform shared information via its Twitter page on Monday with more details. The tweet said more than 35 million […]
  • Is $12 In Sight for Chainlink (LINK) Now That It Has Broken Out of Its Range?
    The whole cryptocurrency market has seen some improvement. Excellent traction has been shown by Bitcoin (BTC), which is also growing and pushing the market higher. Chainlink (LINK) is displaying indications of strength, and the price has been rising as a result. (According to data from Binance) Examination Of the Weekly Chainlink (LINK) Price Chart Many alternative cryptocurrencies have been registering increases of more than 200%. Over the last seven trade days, this has been occurring. Many […]
  • Bitcoin Miner, Core Scientific, Might Soon File Bankruptcy
    Core Scientific, the Bitcoin mining firm, has landed on the edge of being bankrupt. The company is now short of cash to pay out to its clients. In fact, it is completely out of cash. The Mighty are Falling Core Scientific is one of the biggest Bitcoin miners in the world. And it recently raised the alarm that it might be going out of business by the year’s end. It would subsequently declare bankruptcy. Bitcoin miners have struggled to stay in business this year because of the asset’s sharp […]
  • Solana Could Bring a Return of 825% in Its Next Cycle
    Solana is trading at a low value and is estimated to return 825% on the return of the bullish market. This was stated according to an anonymous crypto analyst. The analyst spoke through his YouTube channel, InvestAnswers, to his over 444,000 subscribers. Solana Optimism He expects that the projection would get Solana back up to its all-time. The analyst, in his optimism, also mentioned features that could aid the asset beyond $260. He said Solana, first, has to exit the mainnet beta state. Then […]
  • Bitcoin’s Rally Beyond $20,500 Creates Huge Liquidations
    The cryptocurrency market has recently experienced some recoveries as of Wednesday. The prices of top crypto assets recorded significant surges. Bitcoin price, for instance, rose by over 6% to trade at over $20,600 as of the time of this report. Sudden Market Surges Ethereum, on the other hand, recorded a gain of 14% in the last 24 hours. It now trades at over $1,500.  On a general note, the cryptocurrency market capitalization has risen by nearly 7.29% in 24 hours. It currently stands at $996. […]

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