• Dubai Is All Set To Become A City With Highest Level Of Crypto Adoption In Middle East
    After the latest contract between the chiefs of the DSCA (Dubai-Securities-and-Commodities-Authority) and the DWTCA (Dubai-World-Trade-Centre-Authority) to formally allow the use of cryptocurrency in the free-trade-zone, now, Dubai will come to be the city having the topmost adoption of crypto throughout the middle-east region. The announcement has been made as a result of an establishment of comprehensive regulatory laws regarding cryptocurrency, as a significant majority have adopted crypto […]
  • Citibank Says Crypto Assets Are Refining The Complete Payment Infrastructure
    Citibank (a multinational financial institution) states in its latest report that cryptocurrencies are reformulating the whole infrastructure of payments. It further mentioned that the virtual assets had advanced a lot from being just some “internet novelty” to turn into a market of more than $2 trillion. The requirements for institutional-level crypto adoption The report provides a blueprint, outlined in three main aspects, for the adoption of cryptocurrency investments or payments for […]
  • Exchanges In South Korea Shut Down Cash-To-Crypto Trading Services
    An average crypto exchange named Foblgate declared that it would terminate the trading of the KRW (Korean won) thereof before the government mandate for prohibiting the digital asset venues prohibiting them from running cash-to-crypto offers and services without making a partnership with a native bank. As per the announcement, the KRW deposit and withdrawal has been suspended temporarily, along with the trading among the Korean won and cryptocurrencies. Rather, it stated that it would run a BTC […]
  • Safe Holdings Review – Is Safe Holdings Scam or Satisfactory as a Broker?
    Safe Holdings Review You are reading this review which means that you are eager to know about Safe Holdings because it is a reliable online brokerage platform. It has earned a good reputation in a very short time with the help of technology. Completely read this in-depth Safe Holdings review to know which types of features are being offered by this broker. Overview Of The Broker Safe Holdings is a broker famous for its Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related services. For various […]
  • BTC-Trends Review – Is BTC-Trends Scam or Satisfactory as a Broker?
    BTC-Trends Review BTC-Trends is a new solution for traders. This broker provides features designed using cutting-edge technology to guarantee that its customers enjoy a superior trading experience. So, let’s take a closer look at the broker’s finest features in this BTC-Trends review. We live in a world in which everything is interlinked due to the internet’s vast reach. Most enterprises may now be conducted from the convenience of your own home. Similarly, online traders have the […]

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