• Market Analyst Tim Draper Claims that Bitcoin Price will Hit the $250K Mark
    Tim Draper is a billionaire whose market insight and impression of the cryptocurrency movement are worth consideration. Speaking on the matter of the current Bitcoin prices and projections, he mentioned that the flagship crypto might be headed for big numbers. His prediction regarding Bitcoin is supremely optimistic and indicates his trust in the stability of the cryptocurrency market. He recently projected that Bitcoin is on the way to breaking the bank with a price evaluation of $250K per […]
  • Ethereum Deflation Surges as Total ETH Supply Decreases by 1%
    Even though the price action of Ethereum has been odd in the past few days, it is breaking every record away from the public eye. Ethereum deflation just hit a record high due to a 1% percent decrease in its market supply in the last month. Ethereum supply has dropped at a time when the Ethereum price is showing some recovery after the continued bearish trend. After a week of continued losses, ETH has now increased by 10% in price. The transition of Ethereum from proof of work to proof of stake […]
  • Benjamin Cowen Predicts Bitcoin’s Next Bull Run as Crypto Market Gains Momentum
    Benjamin Cowen is an investor and crypto market analyst with considerable followership on social media. He has recently shared his stance on the cryptocurrency market movements concerning the unclear price movement of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. He says that Bitcoin might still move slowly toward the next Bull Run despite its recent market traction. It is worth mentioning that following the announcement of government bailouts the crypto market is once again gaining momentum. Cowen uploaded a […]
  • SushiSwap, Uniswap and Curve Finance See Huge Financial Gains Despite Market Uncertainty
    Uniswap saw a huge surge in its collected fees. It hit its highest point since May 2022. Recently, the total trade volume of decentralized exchanges crossed $15 billion. Which is the highest in the last four months. Due to the crypto market uncertainty caused by the failure of SVB, DEXs saw a huge increase in trading activity. This was primarily because of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) created in the market after USDC was depegged. DeFi Llama reported that DEX trading volume crossed a […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Hits a New Low – Price Analysis
    Bitcoin hits an eight-week low as prices fall more than nine percent on the morning of this Friday to nineteen thousand seven hundred dollars. Since last Tuesday, Bitcoin has fallen more than fifty-two million dollars in market price. Senior Market Analyst, Edward Moya, reported that the market continues to remain rough for cryptocurrency. This situation is due to devastating events such as the bankruptcy of Silvergate bank, the planned release of the February united states job report, and the […]
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) Downside to Continue After Powell’s Hawkishness – Price Prediction
    DOGE price has maintained downtrends since February’s late session, a stance that Elon Musk partially invigorated with comments about AI interest. Continued EMAs repellant might see the price losing the closest support of $0.0736 and dip further. A 24hr candle closing that overturns the $0.823 resistance confluence to support might cancel the bearish tale. Dogecoin price has hovered with bearishness since 19 February, experiencing a colossal decline. The famed DOGE father and Twitter CEO […]
  • Enjin Coin (ENJ) Surges Amidst Hawkish Fed and Binance’s Push for Transparency
    Enjin Coin has been experiencing a significant price surge following the ongoing bullish trend within the cryptocurrency market. This positive momentum continued amidst the Federal Reserve’s recent hawkish stance on interest rate hikes. However, there are many problems ahead for the coin, including Silvergate’s recent news on growth. The bank’s stance has created problems in the crypto industry, but Binance could neutralize the trend. Binance Pushing The Uptrend Additionally, […]
  • Ethereum’s Deflationary Path: Shrinking Supply and Consistent Demand Fuels ETH’s Success
    ETH is on a Deflationary Path Ethereum (ETH) has been deflationary since its move to PoS or proof-of-stake. The coin’s issuance has steadily dropped since the change, but the price has moved up to a 5-month high. Currently, the altcoin is trading at $1,700 as evidence of the declining supply, and consistent demand among crypto market participants propels the crypto higher. In addition to its deflationary path, Ethereum’s transition to the energy-saving proof-of-stake mechanism has […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Falling Wedge Pattern Signals Possible Bullish Reversal Amidst Negative Sentiment
    The BTC price has been in a state of correction for over a month. In the 4-hour trading chart, the price is strictly bouncing off from downward-sloping trend lines, which show the possibility of a falling wedge pattern. BTC has lost over 12% from the $25,300 top level and is exchanging hands at $22,460. BTC Price Analysis Bitcoin started the new correction phase in the second week of February when the price turned downside from the resistance level of $25,300. The falling wedge pattern governs […]
  • Ethereum (ETH): External Factors & Investor Behavior Driving Market Fluctuations
    ETH Price: External Factors and Investor Behavior The price of ETH has captured the attention of investors and analysts as the largest altcoin manages to shift the direction of supply distribution. However, external factors have significantly influenced investor behavior toward the coin in recent months. These movements in external factors are so significant that ETH investors are taking matters into their own hands. ETH’s price has been heavily influenced by external factors such as […]

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