Price Analysis of Solarmine (SOLAR), MojitoSwap (MJT), DOSE (DOSE), and more Cryptocurrencies

In the past 24-hours, several cryptocurrencies have marked their names as high gainers, demonstrating high rallies. Among these cryptocurrencies is Solarmine (SOLAR) that has demonstrated a 72.25% rally in the past 24-hours. Due to the rally, Solarmine’s price has been pushed up to $0.02192 per SOLAR.

Given the current condition of Solarmine, if the rally manages to stick around, then Solarmine’s price may rise to $0.03775 per SOLAR. The next value that Solarmine may hit in the upcoming days would be $0.05139 per SOLAR. If the investors keep investing money in favor of the bullish run, then Solarmine may soon hit the $0.06068 per SOLAR mark.

However, if the investors give up on the rally, then the price of Solarmine may start getting pushed down the slope. This would first push Solarmine’s price down to $0.0140 per SOLAR, and then down to $0.0114 per SOLAR. If the investors keep losing their confidence and the sentiments turn bearish, then Solarmine’s price may plummet to $0.0104.

MojitoSwap (MJT) is another example of a cryptocurrency demonstrating high gains in the past 24-hours. The rally that MojitoSwap has observed in the past 24-hours is 68.21%, bringing its unit value up to $2.18 per MJT.

In order to raise the price of MojitoSwap higher, the investors would need to keep up with their strong buying commitment. If they remain loyal to the cause, then MojitoSwap’s price may grow up to $3.66 per MJT.

If the investors keep pressing harder with their buying power, then the rally may go on for a longer period. This would result in MojitoSwap’s price getting pushed up to $4.29 per MJT.

As the momentum keeps building up, more investors would continue joining the rally, pushing MojitoSwap’s price up to $4.65 per MJT.

If we look at the worst side of MojitoSwap, then we would realize that it has a higher tendency of attracting more investors than the bullish side. Therefore, if the investors start contributing towards the negative side with their increased buying power, then MojitoSwap’s price may hit $1.43.

If the investors keep going in for more sales of MojitoSwap, then MojitoSwap’s price may continue dipping. This would bring the unit value of MojitoSwap down to its second strong support mark ($1.19).

This would boost the confidence of the bears and they may start strengthening their selling rallies with more investors. As the price of MojitoSwap starts dropping, the investors may start fearing higher losses.

The bears will use the discouragement factor to their benefit and may start compelling the investors to sell it on a higher scale. In the upcoming days, the investors may end up selling MojitoSwap in abundance, bringing MojitoSwap’s price down to $1.089.