Price Analysis of BoleToken (BOLE), MetaPay (METAPAY), and Dogecolony (DOGECO)

As always, the cryptocurrency sector has proven to be the most volatile as well as highly unpredictable sector in the entire online trading sector. This is the reason why the predictions and forecasts made by crypto analysts are not so reliable. The reason behind the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency sector is too many factors that are constantly affecting cryptocurrencies.

Still, the cryptocurrency analysts and experts are sharing their analysis on different cryptocurrencies that are currently flowing through the crypto-blockchains.

On a daily basis, there are cryptocurrencies that are under the spotlight for being the high gainers and top losers.

On the list of high gainers, the cryptocurrency currently observing the highest greens is BoleToken (BOLE). According to the performance report for BoleToken, it has reportedly grown up to $0.001023 having observed a 1056.51% rally in the past 24-hours.

If the investors keep adding more BoleToken in favor of the bullish run, then the price of BoleToken may rise up to $0.006393. At this point, the sentiments of the investors may start siding with the bulls, bringing BoleToken’s price up to $0.02314. As the power of the BoleToken investors starts growing upwards, more investors would soon join the bulls and this would result in bringing BoleToken’s price up to $0.05346.

On the contrary, the bears may attempt to bring the price of BoleToken in the lower direction. The bears may do this by increasing their selling power, eventually bringing BoleToken down to $0.004347. As the investors start siding with the bears, another large selling spree may get initiated, bringing BoleToken’s price lower to $0.007043.

Then it is MetaPay (METAPAY) that has demonstrated high gains in the past 24-hours. The price of MetaPay has reportedly gone on to grow by 754.53% in 24-hours, bringing its unit price up to $0.00001052 per METAPAY.

As MetaPay continues growing in size, more investors may start joining the bullish run and may bring its price up to $0.00008989. If the bulls keep building the momentum in favor of MetaPay, then its price may grow up to $0.0001194. As the investors grow more confident in the bullish trend, then the price of MetaPay may elevate to $0.0001489.

The support for Dogecolony (DOGECO) has also been increasing at a high rate. The growth is clear from the 680.07% rally Dogecolony has witnessed in the past 24-hours. Due to the rally, the price of Dogecolony has moved up to $0.0000007806.

As the buying power keeps increasing for Dogecolony, its value may start witnessing a surge, bringing its unit price up to $0.000003434. If more investors come in to support Dogecolony in near future, the price of Dogecolony may grow up to its second strong resistance mark ($0.000004563).