Price Analysis of Kambria (KAT), POOMOON (POO), and Dragon Kart (KART)

Kambria (KAT)

Kambria has recorded a 129.27% increase in value in a 24-hour time period that has helped push its price up to $0.002214 per KAT. The bulls have gathered in support of Kambria and are constantly adding more value to the asset by acquiring it on a higher level.

As time progresses, the trading volume for Kambria may also continuously rise. This would result in elevating the value of Kambria to higher marks. If the bulls succeed in pushing the RSI into the positive zone, then the value of Kambria may surge to the first resistance mark ($0.003645).

As the demand for Kambria rises, it may observe an elevation in value, bringing it up to $0.004823 per KAT. The data suggests that the RSI and moving averages may aid in pushing the price of Kambria up to $0.005602 per KAT.


POOMOON has also elevated in value in the past 24-hours, due to the strong contribution of the bulls. The data shows that the value of POOMOON has surged by 114.13% in the past 24-hours. At the time of writing, the value of POOMOON stands at $0.0006527 per POO.

The investors are in high spirits and they are holding very high sentiments in favor of POOMOON. The investors may continue adding more value to POOMOON with more acquisitions. This would result in pushing the value of POOMOON all the way up to $0.001025 per POO.

Going forward, the value of POOMOON may grow up to the second resistance benchmark of $0.001317 per POO. POOMOON’s trading volume has also been rising in the past 24-hours. The constant purchasing of POOMOON by the bulls is pushing the trading volume of POOMOON to a much higher level than the figure recorded in the past 24-hours.

At the moment, POOMOON’s trading volume is worth $1,246,607 and it has grown by 12726.14% in the past 24-hours. The bulls are also purchasing POOMOON on a higher scale than they were in the past. This would eventually push the price of POOMOON to the major resistance mark $0.001505 per POO.

Dragon Kart (KART)

Dargon Kart is also observing a high trend in the past 24-hours as the bulls have pushed its value by 98.23%. The bulls are constantly contributing to pushing the value of Dragon Kart to higher marks. At the time of publication, the value of Dragon Kart is worth $0.1277 per KART.

Going forward, the value of Dragon Kart may get pushed up to $0.1904 per KART. The bulls may continue with their buying efforts to elevate the price of Dragon Kart. As a result, Dragon Kart may rise all the way up to $0.2371 per KART.

In near future, the bulls may increase their buying potential to cause another surge in the rally, bringing Dragon Kart’s price up to $0.2663.