Play-And-Earn Blockchain Games Refined As NFT Falls

Monthly volumes show a decrease in NFT which is ignored by gaming projects of blockchain who refined their mechanics of play-and-earn.

From January 1 until mid of February, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were bullish. During this period volumes of OpenSea max at $5 billion and by the end of February fell to $3.6 billion. It could be the sign of NFT and crypto market overall sentiment correction.

Sales and volumes of NFTs are showing a decline as Q-2 is closing, giving surprise to the investors and newcomers whether this sector is about to die. DappRadar data is showing an almost 11% drop in OpenSea trade volumes so far, and marketplace volume keeps cooling off in the last 30 days as the user count dropped by 13%. It looks like the NFT community has recognized blue-chip derivatives options has be exhausted and investors look forward to more stable and less risky value placement.

Blockchain game developing communities are building consistently, irrespective of the proof of profile (PFP) mobility goes.

For instance, Axie Infinity play-to- earn (P2E) game of blockchain max $4 billion February best NFT sales. This makes it the third biggest platform of NFT with regards to the first NFT collection and sales.

The Axie Infinity game built-in 2018 is clear evidence of what is achievable in a bearish market. Minimal Viable Product (MVP) built by Axie Infinity which added millions to the blockchain, crypto, and Web3.

Blockchain games are focusing to develop and finding shelter for a bearish market to withstand the negative tendency, to increase the capital flow and expand their infrastructure and establish consistent user bases.

For further development of their products blockchain games are positioning themselves via strategic partnerships. As it is made clear by Immutable X which is the game developer of NFT in its $200 million recent funding, a big part of which will be going to its current projects which includes Guild of Guardians.

Like most of the cryptocurrency market, the GOG token which is in-game native to Guild of Guardian has been collapsed with a present value at $0.37 which is 87% down from its all-time highest value of $ 2.81.

The recently obtained funds by the Guild of Guardians will be allocated for scaling solutions and marketing strategies of community and game.