BNB Chain And Google Cloud Join Forces To Promote The Web3 Space

BNB chain network has partnered with Google Cloud to foster Web3 use by startups on both platforms. The BNB chain was launched after the merge of the BNB beacon chain and BNB smart chain network.

The Partnership

The BNB chain team noted the Google Cloud platform has performed well on both the web2 and web3 space. It is essential to work with visionaries that can project the future. Visionaries who are not afraid to dream and also share the same dream.

In recent months, Google Cloud has been actively involved in the web3 space and its improvement. They built detection software to detect crypto mining malware threats. They also launched their own digital asset team.

This partnership would deploy tools from the Google Cloud into the BNB network. Here, Decentralized applications (Dapps) will have access to tools from both platforms to improve their functionalities. DeFi platforms would use these tools to enhance user experience, analytics tools and utilities.

NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse were not left out in this partnership. Any deployed on the BNB chain would access tools to level up their applications and utilities. All these to enhance and improve the functionality of Web3 and Blockchain businesses.

Web3 builders can connect with startups on the Google Cloud across different specializations. These specializations cut across senior developers, machine learning experts, and many more sectors.

Benefits To Start-Ups

This partnership would help startups that intend to build their projects on the BNB chain also build on Google Cloud. The Google Cloud has its advantages of scalability, security and transparency.

It will help startups access google for cloud programs targeting web3 building blocks and builders in BNB.

This access would be given to projects ranked as Most Valuable Builders in the BNB network.

These startup projects would access the encryption tools on both platforms. These tools would help encode data and analyze this data in real time.

There will also be workshops made available for web3 builders and training courses on Google Cloud. Certifications would be made available to participants at the completion of the courses. This would encourage them and give them a clear directive on all they need.

Google cloud programs targeted at startups give awards annually up to two years to startups. These are intended to encourage small startups and help them establish their businesses.