Puma Launches First Ever Virtual Sneakers

What better way to market the Web3 community than to bring it into the fashion industry?

Puma, a fashion brand, announced a metaverse sneakers launch in their brand. The theme of this launch is the first virtual experience with the Black Station. 

The Launch

Black Station is the first Puma sneakers launched on the Metaverse.

This digital experience would take place during the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Puma consumers would be given a pass to enter the virtual experience.

The NYFW is an anticipated event, starting with unique brands and models showing off their amazing works. This year would be far more advanced with a bit of spice as Puma takes us on a trip to the Metaverse.

The PUMANYFW is back with the Futrogade, a fascinating runway show bringing the future and past into the now. This event is set to take place on Sept 15th at precisely 3:59 UTC.

The collections of sneakers at this metaverse experience are the Nitro NF RNO and Nitro Fastroid Sneakers from the PUMA Brand. 

One of the team, June Ambrose, communicated in a tweet, “I am so excited to see this come to light. We have worked on this for a very long time.”

The Entertainment Industry’s Web3 Experience

 People have shown their support and can’t wait to be at the event.

Celebrities have not hidden their enthusiasm for this upcoming event.

Big NFT brands are in on it, announcing this metaverse experience on Twitter.

This is an event that brings dynamics to the web3 experience for consumers and fashion lovers. This event promotes virtual experiences in the fashion world, using physical brands as an outlet. It is no news that the NFT and web3 communities have ingrained themselves in many sectors.

It started with basketballers’ top shot moments being recorded and digitized into NFT for sales. Down to digitizing the tweet of the Twitter CEO and selling it as an NFT for billions of dollars. It was about time this experience made its way to the fashion industry.

This is not the first of experiences; other top brands like PRADA and Tommy Hilfiger have included the Metaverse Experience in their brands. This experience is aimed at connecting Puma consumers with web3 activities. Bringing the metaverse experience from cryptocurrencies to the fashion industry.