Richardson Lewis Review – Top Reasons To Sign Up With Them

Richardson Lewis Review

Richardsono Lewis logoRichardson Lewis is a trustworthy and productive brokerage that gives its clients access to various helpful features and benefits. When determining whether you will have a positive or negative experience with trading, one of the most significant things is having a competent broker. You need to make money while also having a memorable experience.   Your knowledge of the broker will improve after studying this Richardson Lewis review, and you will be more equipped to make an informed decision about which of its services are suitable for you.

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Segregated Accounts

When you trade with a particular broker, the broker technically does not own the money you put into your brokerage account. For the duration of your use of their services, they charge you a minimal fee. Your money and the broker’s cash should never be combined. The assets you put into your Richardson Lewis trading account will be held in separate, segregated accounts, which is the safest option for you as your money is kept in a secure segregated account that would not be mixed with the broker’s money.

There are No Fees for Inactive Accounts

Brokers charge fees to active and inactive traders alike, even if the trader isn’t actively trading. Richardson Lewis is one of the few brokers that does not assess a fee for inactive or dormant accounts. In the event that you do not access your accounts for many weeks or even months, you will not be subject to a static fee charge.

Asset Offering

You are able to trade a wide variety of instruments with Richardson Lewis, which makes it possible for you to get low-risk trading experience and get a head start on constructing a diversified trading portfolio. Using this broker, you have the ability to trade a diverse selection of underlying assets. These assets include foreign exchange (Forex), cryptocurrency, indexes, commodities, and stocks. A wide variety of options are available to you when it comes to completing your trade.

Richardson Lewis asset offering

Additionally, it allows you to do market research on a range of trading assets before you engage in those trades.

You’ll also have more financing possibilities with a varied portfolio of products than you would with exposure to just a few commodities via a broker. Traders with access to a diverse range of assets can engage in trading with reduced exposure to risk. If you invest a substantial amount of money in a single item, and the price of that asset decreases, you will suffer a more significant financial loss than you would if you invested fewer amounts of money across various assets.

Trading Platform 

It is essential to discuss this broker’s trading platforms due to the fact that they have several intriguing characteristics. Richardson Lewis provides its users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to facilitate the traders’ day-to-day activities instead of restricting them. Because of the broker’s robust encryption, every single deal is entirely risk-free.

The trading platform offered by Richardson Lewis is one that will never cease to amaze you. To get things started, you will quickly see that this trading platform is very efficient. Additionally, you will be able to access this trading platform from a number of different devices—no matter whether you have an iphone, iPad, computer, or Android phone. The trading platform is compatible with each and every one of them.

There is no need to download or install an application for a web-based trading platform; you can log in with your accounts from any computer. In addition, a mobile trading platform may be accessed via the Richardson Lewis trading app, which can be obtained from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


It’s not enough to expect an online broker to provide you with a separate trading account, low or even no fees, a large variety of trading assets, robust security, and quick response times from customer service. Are you ready to get started? After you have finished your research on Richardson Lewis, you should go to their website and register for a trading account as soon as possible.

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