Price Analysis of BITGATTI (BITGATTI) and Mad Meerkat ETF (METF)


In the past 7-days, there has been a great competition between the bulls and the bears who have attempted to pull BITGATTI to their side. Prior to the strong bullish formation, the price of BITGATTI exhibited a low price.

BITGATTI was reportedly at a low of $0.0000000002312 when the bulls formed a 44.19% rally, and brought BITGATTI up to $0.0000000003491.

Although it seems that the rally has started losing its steam, it may still continue running at a lower level. The bulls may keep attempting to push the price of BITGATTI to higher benchmarks with their strong buying rallies.

In the upcoming days, the price of BITGATTI may grow even higher as the bulls may continue pouring more money into the bullish cause. Their aim would be to push the price of BITGATTI into the resistance zone.

For this purpose, the bulls may increase their buying power, which would eventually push BITGATTI to a high of $0.0000000003869 per BITGATTI.

Once the investors succeeded in hitting the $0.0000000003869 price, they may attempt to go for an even higher buying spree. With their buying power, the investors may try and push BITGATTI to the second resistance line.

If the rallies continue, then the price of BITGATTI may get pushed up to a high of $0.0000000004284 per BITGATTI, which is the second high resistance.

As the momentum keeps building, the RSI for BITGATTI may grow even more bullish, this would result in bringing the price of BITGATTI to a high of $0.0000000004772 per BITGATTI.

Mad Meerkat ETF (METF)

Then come the Mad Meerkat ETF investors who are also very determined in pushing the price of Mad Meerkat ETF to a high benchmark. So far, the investors have proved that their sentiments are with the bulls and they may continue with their buying activities.

As a result, the bulls may attempt to push the price of Mad Meerkat ETF to higher marks. So far, the constant buying rallies of the bulls have formed a 54.39% rally. The particular rally has helped push the price of Mad Meerkat ETF to its current high value ($180.40).

If the buying sentiments of the investors keep growing stronger, then more investors may side with the bulls. At present, the summary scale for Mad Meerkat ETF is leaning at the “neutral” sentiments. However, if the bulls keep growing more determined, then the summary scale may move to the “buy” preference.

Going forward, the bulls may try and push the RSI for Mad Meerkat ETF even higher. This would further guarantee a strong bullish trend in favor of the investors with positive sentiments. They may gain the opportunity of acquiring Mad Meerkat ETF on a higher level, pushing Mad Meerkat ETF’s price to $220.62 per METF.