Over 30 Million Users In Brazil Now Have Access To Crypto Trading Options Through Picpay

Picpay has recently announced that it is providing services related to cryptocurrencies to over 30 million Brazilian users.

Picpay in Reach of 30 Million Users

Picpay is a major wallet and payment application provider for cryptocurrencies. The platform had previously announced that it aimed to expand its services in the Brazilian territory.

It was in the month of July when Picpay announced that it would proceed with launching its cryptocurrency services in Brazil.

The firm did not take long in fulfilling its claim and has reported that it has rolled out its cryptocurrency services in Brazil for the benefit of the users.

Facility for the Brazilian Users

With the rollout of the cryptocurrency services, the users will have access to selling, holding, and purchasing digital assets. They will be able to use all these functionalities through the platform provided by Picpay.

Picpay has announced that it had recently formed a partnership with Paxos. Paxos is an issuer of a dollar-pegged stablecoin known as “pax dollar”.

Picpay has acquired the support of Paxos in order to offer cryptocurrency services to the Brazilian locals.

Picpay Wants Brazilians to Gain Crypto Exposure

Picpay is primarily a fintech company and now, the company wants to offer users the ability to invest in cryptocurrencies.

For this very purpose, Picpay has decided to expand its services throughout Brazil. It currently has one of the largest wallet and payment applications in the country.

Over the years, Picpay has built a strong user base of more than 30 million users. It is because of the strong customer base that Picpay has decided to take things further and add a new level of services and products for the users.

Paxos is Providing Services to Picpay

Picpay has chosen Paxos to facilitate it while it provides services to the users. Paxos is a platform that provides blockchain-based services and is based in New York.

Tokens Picpay is Launching

Picpay has announced that it will not be going all out in providing cryptocurrencies in the first round. According to the firm, it is going to provide cryptocurrencies such as Paxos’ own dollar, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDP. These options will be offered through the internal exchange of Picpay.

Despite launching with very few cryptocurrencies, Picpay has a big plan for launching cryptocurrencies.

Picpay has announced that it plans on listing and launching more than 100 cryptocurrencies for the benefit of investors and cryptocurrency users.

In the LATAM region, Brazil has turned out to be a game changer for the cryptocurrency industry. The people are attracted to cryptocurrencies more than any other country in the LATAM region. This is why the cryptocurrency industry is growing larger in Brazil.