Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Gains Strength as ImmutableX (IMX) and Hooked Protocol (HOOK)

The crypto market’s instability has had digital coins such as ImmutableX (IMX) and Hooked Protocol (HOOK) suffering massive cuts. Contrarily, Orbeon Protocol entices investors with a 655% price uptick.

HOOK’s Bearishness Continue

Hooked Protocol (HOOK) is a distinct protocol designed for Web3 and offers onboarding infrastructures for individuals and businesses as they join the web3 world. Hooked Protocol enjoys more than 2 million active monthly users and utilizes HOOK as its governance token.

HOOK hit its ATH of $2.93 five months ago, though it gradually lost 20% to explore the $2.31 mark during this publication. Hooked Protocol remains impressive, considering its attractive price action and increased balances by holders.

IMX Falls Consistently

ImmutableX is a crypto protocol for web3. The ImmutableX developers built what they trust will transform the upcoming web3 games. The project wants to satisfy the massive web3 Gaming sector. For instance, the network introduces high speed and zero gas fees.

However, ImmutableX hasn’t accomplished its promises, recording consistent declines. While publishing this content, IMX changed hands at around $0.4478, a massive cut from $9.50 within a year.

That means the alternative coin lost more than 95%. IMX surrendered approximately 7.35% within the past day, extending its downward spree. The token will likely suffer in 2023 if its demand remains deteriorated.

ORBN Consolidates Gains

Orbeon Protocol seems immune to the bearishness that swept the entire crypto space as it records consistent gains. The project presents solutions to challenges that most aspiring entrepreneurs and investors encounter – business ideas and inadequate funds.

Orbeon Protocol offers interested investors multiple lucrative business ideas worth investment. Moreover, individuals sourcing funds can access venture capitalists via the network.

Firms that find it challenging to raise cash can consider Orbeon Protocol to fundraise seamlessly. They can use the platform to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and offer them to potential investors. That makes it effortless for investors to be stakeholders in such firms.

For example, a firm that needs $500,000 can build 100,000 fractional NFT units and offer the tokens to investors for only $5. The low investment cost attracts increased investment in the firm. ORBN is in the pre-sale stage, and analysts expect it to surge substantially to $0.0216 with time.