Metaverse Crypto Analysis 2023 – SAND, MANA, and MCADE

  • SAND and MANA remain the two most-recognized cryptos in the web3 space.
  • Who will dominate the cryptocurrency sector, and can the newcomer shake the marketplace?
  • Metacade (MCADE) might be the new leader in the crypto race.

Metaverse cryptocurrency projects often witness the highest gains because of the unique underlying technology. As a result, users may enjoy stunning digital words, participate in their favorite online games, and access monetary rewards differently.

The metaverse innovation may connect individuals, introduce new working ways, and ensure improved socialization and interaction over the web. This article evaluates three notable metaverse projects ahead of this year’s crypto session.

Metacade – The Most Promising Project at the Moment

Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND) are the leading web3 metaverse cryptocurrency projects. The two giants exploded to billion-dollar valuations amidst the 2021 bullish markets, with MANA and SAND surging 75x and 200x, respectively. That came as most assets touched their respective ATHs.

Now, Metacade seems prepared for similar movements in the coming few years. The project launched its pre-sale recently, drawing funding worth $1.7M in the initial six weeks.

Meanwhile, the pre-sale may materialize into the most lucrative investment opportunity of the year, with Metacade introducing new functionalities into the new metaverse world. Moreover, over time, it targets to be the primary hub for web3 enthusiasts.

About Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox is a metaverse project that enables individuals to create and monetize their gaming assets in an open-world environment. Also, users can access games that other Sandbox players created, ensuring a varied and extensive gaming experience.

Users can buy and sell games and assets as NFTs in the ecosystem’s incorporated marketplace. In addition, the Sandbox provides a toolkit that allows customization of metaverse games, enabling individuals to be game developers even without prior programming knowledge.

How SAND Works

Players may earn SAND coins after exploring digital games that other gamers created, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience via P2E and UGC (user-generated content) mechanics.

Also, people can use SAND as a mode of exchange within the non-fungible marketplace and participate in governance decisions. Sandbox is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that’s fully community-controlled.

SAND 2023 Price Forecast

SAND has declined by 94% from its 2021 ATH. Analysts believe the token may struggle to surge before another bullish market. They trust SAND will hover at $0.76 – $1.87 in 2023.

About Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a renowned cryptocurrency ecosystem that allows people to purchase and sell virtual real estate and create and navigate other users’ creations. In addition, the network allows the building of digital experiences that have different ways to monetize, including games, hang-out places, and NFT art galleries.

Considering the increasing worldwide digitization, analysts expect Decentraland to be a virtual pastimes hub. In addition, Decentraland’s customizable sections have opened a world full of different activities.

How MANA Works?

People can use MANA to buy, trade, and sell land parcels. Also, users can buy clothing items, unique characters, and different virtual assets to personalize the gaming experience further.

Like Sandbox, Decentraland is a decentralized autonomous organization that enables MANA holders to participate in governance and prioritize user-generated content at the game’s foundation.

MANA 2023 Price Forecast

MANA trades at $0.308390 during this publication. The asset struggled to gather users over the past year, which may impact its price in 2023. Economists expect MANA to regain the value area at $0.64 – $1.11. Nevertheless, the altcoin could struggle to overcome resistance zones at this range.

About Metacade

Metacade is a one-of-a-kind community-driven arcade. It aims at being the leading blockchain arcade, providing gamers with different options to earn digital coins and multiple play-to-earn arcade games. Also, the project will connect players with unique Web3 job opportunities.

Moreover, it will allow users to test new games before their launch. As a result, participants will enjoy early access to new titles and receive crypto rewards for identifying bug fixes and improvements that require enhancements before the final launch.

Metacade is an aspiring metaverse cryptocurrency targeting GemFi enthusiasts. It has multiple notable functionalities suited to serve users with a forward-thinking reward approach, including Wok2Eearn, Create2Earn, Compete2Earn, and Play2Earn.

How MCADE Works

The Create2Earn functionality rewards individuals for their contributions. That may include sharing recent info about various games within the Metacade network, interacting with different community members, and posting game reviews.

Users can enjoy MCADE as a reward. Also, they can use the alt for voting and staking within the Metacade DAO.

MCADE 2023 Price Forecast

MCADE launched its pre-sale recently and proved to be a lucrative investment. Experts trust the price will soar to $0.008 – $0.02 during the pre-sale, forecasting explosive upsides after the final pre-sale phase. They expect MCADE to gain around 50% by 2023 end to explore $0.40 – $1.