Meet Cryptocurrency Millionaire Who Traded His Dh31,000 Rolex For BTC To Pay Off Debts

A British cryptocurrency millionaire, who eminently traded his esteemed Rolex watch that was worth Dh31000 for Bitcoin in order to settle his debts, stated he is optimistic about crypto in spite of their recent lacklustre performance.

How He Ventured in Crypto

Kain Roomes, 29 year old, started his venture into the cryptocurrency market during 2018 while he was going through some hard times.

Recently in Dubai, the former model said that he sold off his belongings, which included his Rolex watch, in order to invest in the Bitcoin. This was the time when he had fallen behind on mortgage expenses.

This move, which he describes as a ‘leap of faith’, obtained Roomes Dirhams 443,000.

His portfolio, by May 2021, had augmented to Dirham 12.40 million prior to a market retreat during March 2022, which wiped about 50% of his wealth.

However, Roomes stays undeterred. He is of the belief that the crypto market is going to bounce back.

His Optimism

He says that his outlook on the cryptocurrency market is extremely optimistic. He knows it will certainly recuperate just like it does always. He said so while he was talking to Khaleej Times.

He further added his opinion about Bitcoin saying that when BTC rises back to higher rates, most of  the altcoins follow the king. In past four plus years, he has been in the space, and he knows that the market always recovers.

Presently busy writing a book on crypto investing, Roomes urged everyone to invest in the cryptocurrencies.