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Lite Forex Pro Review

Lite Forex Pro logoAs an amateur in the world of digital trading, choosing a well-operational platform that is intuitive, comfortable and convenient, a platform that allows you explore their mind-blowing features within a snap.

It’s always heart-warming to find a platform that combines various types of trading on the same site. A platform that allows you delve into different assets, allows you taste the sweetness of crypto or forex trading easily.

Trading with a platform that has it client interest at heart, a platform that maintains a friendly-users zone, a platform with a system designed to cut down protracted processing time during the transaction as well as making payment service free, where the safety and protection of client funds is guaranteed.

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All you need to know and understand about trading is highlighted in this review as it deals with the authenticity and functionality of this prestigious platform

The trading process is now easy, as a broker can support you step by step.  You will need a broker to start trading, or invest your money, to take action.

Lite Forex Pro is one of the best brokers that meets your needs at 100 per cent. I’m going to review the entire broker, so you get enough ofinformation and start trading.

General Info

Lite Forex Pro at a glance:

Broker Lite Forex Pro
Launched 2018
Minimum Initial Deposit $250
Account Types Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Leverages 1:1 1:1000
Demo Account Yes
Assets Forex, CFDs on Commodities, Indices and Shares, Cryptocurrencies
Tools Overnight Swaps, Currency Converter, Profit Calculator, Holidays Calendar
Trading Platforms Web trading platform, iPhone Trader, iPad Trader, Android Trader, Desktop Platforms


What Is Lite Forex Pro?

Lite Forex Pro is an innovative online foreign exchange broker providing access to advanced institutional and retail trading conditions for the global audience. It is among the few exchanges that enforce fair trading conditions and require CFDs to be exchanged on commodities, indices and shares in equal measure.

Lite Forex Pro was introduced in 2018, in response to rising demands for resources and options for leveraging and safe trading in cryptocurrencies and other financial products.

Lite Forex Pro has regulatory authority membership and is strictly governed according to the rules and regulations. The organization is compliant with every regulatory body decision. In any case, a conflict arising between the broker and consumers will be resolved by the supervising regulatory authority. One can blindly trust the platform, as it is strict with policies implemented by the respective government.

Lite Forex Pro complies with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy and has also established strict regulations to stop money laundering in any case. They don’t require corporate credit cards for this. The top-notch algorithm, incorporated into the architecture of the web, prevents any kind of attack by stealing. The platform also requires users to complete the KYC process for better protection of properties, and because of security issues.

Also, It boasts more than 200 trading instruments offered to its customers and has a portfolio of around 69.1 million orders and trading volumes worth more than USD 1.82 trillion.

Lite Forex Pro offers unique features to make an easy transition for prospective investors while offering avenues for coping with market-facing liquidity and volatility issues.

Features of Lite Forex Pro

Far from the fact that Forex is the most liquid market in the world, and that it has evolved over decades to emerge as a snapshot of economic activity and essentially global trade, there are other crucial features that have left the Industry trend in recent years. 

It is worth noting that everyone has their reasons for delving into the digital market including traders. With several traders in the industry today, few of those ranking reasons are considered to be the factors that favour Lite Forex Pro as the best-trading markets. The following are:

Efficient Trading Platforms

Lite Forex Pro comes with trustworthy trading platforms to provide an exceptional forum for users across the globe. Those platforms are known for their excellent trading experience and functionality. Trading signals, devices, and charts can be used by both experienced and new babies to make an infinite financial gain.

  • Web trading platform

Web trading platform enjoys gratitude and encouragement from both retail and institutional investors. This is due to its functionalities and features which make it prominent and distinct in the ecosystem of trading.

Web trading platform can be downloaded from any smartphone, since it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. The platform is integrated with more than 700 trusted brokers according to the developer of the app, MetaQuotes.

  • Android Trader

This is a technical age and everyone in developing countries has a personal-use mobile device. Lite Forex Pro has also developed a special Android Trader platform, as traders mostly used android phones to execute trades. Android Trader helps you to conduct technical analyzes with 30 different technical indicators and three different types of charts.

  • Ipad and iPhone Trader

Lite Forex Pro has established separate trading platforms for both the iPad and iPhone. Both have many features that let traders trade easily and comfortably. These features include a wide range of technical indicators, quotes in real-time, intuitive interface, multilingual support, and many more.

Multiple Payment Options

Payment Options Visa Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit 300 USD/EUR 300 USD/EUR
Minimum Withdrawal Based on Contract/portfolio/account Based on Contract/portfolio/account
Deposit Fees None None
Withdrawal Fees None None
Deposit Time Up to 30 minutes 2-15 working days
Withdrawal Time 2-15 Business Days (based on card issuer) 2-15 Working Days (based on the bank)

Lite Forex Pro planned to offer customers an unrivalled trading experience with easy access to its deals. Keeping this in mind, it integrated several payment solutions as well as a digital cashier into its network to further promote transaction execution and progression. 

Lite Forex Pro makes a wide range of straightforward options with fast withdrawals and deposits of funds into accounts one of its aims. Consumers can now use credit and withdrawal cards, MasterCard and wallets.

The benefit of their approved payment method, as shown in the table above, is that the system is designed to reduce the length of processing time while maintaining the service free. Withdrawal and depositing time, however, vary with the financial institutions and card issuers.

The platform also relies on the clients selecting contracts, account and portfolio. Lite Forex Pro bases some of its online trade prices, for ease, on the policies of Dukascopy Bank.


Because of its impact on market position, profit and loss, Leverage is one of the most unique features on any trading platform. Having good leverage allows traders to earn more on the platform, particularly for advanced crypto-trading.

Lite Forex Pro gives leverage to traders ranging from 1:1 to 1:1000 depending on the options account. With this leverage, you can pay upfront 1 per cent of your starting price while at the same time gaining trading power depending on your preference.

Leverage helps you to increase your earnings while you trade. Say you are investing in an asset priced at $100 apiece for example. You have the ability to buy about 1000 pieces with a leverage of up to 1:1000.  A simple explanation is that you get $1000 to exchange for every $1 in your account, and earn a thousand-fold marginally.

Leveraged trading is, however, a double-edged sword, because it is heavily weighted on marker movement.

Therefore, dealing in a volatile environment without sufficient experience means that you may be making a loss yourself. It is therefore important to carefully weigh the options and view the trading margins before taking these risks.

Different Account Types To Accommodate Customers

Based on the skill level and the needs of the traders, Lite Forex Pro harbors different types of accounts. There are different features and a variety of tools available with each type of account. Yet users maintaining different type of accounts can get assistance from the Lite Forex Pro support team. I’ll tell you all about those accounts, one by one, with the facilities offered.

  • Silver Account with 20% Bonus

The basic account is for those new to the trading industry, as the minimum brokerage limit is $250. If you have a plan in a safe place to invest in your capital, you can choose the Lite Forex Pro platform. The minimum investment limit with the basic account is $50,000 with an interest rate of 1.5 per cent per month.

Investors and traders on this account are entitled to a 20 per cent bonus with a 1.5 per cent interest rate per month for a period of 24 months. Interest withdrawals are applicable only to investment accounts and are triggered once per the calendar year. However, trading signals on this account are minimal.

The facilities offered with the basic account are minimal but these are adequate to facilitate better for the investors. For example, the basic account holders can be accommodated by a personal account manager, as well as a market analyst. One can cancel the interest payments once a year.

  • Gold Account with 50% Bonus

Upon opening a gold account, the range with trading signals will be extended with a 50 per cent bonus. For the gold package, the account manager will be replaced by an executive account manager, who will help you manage the account better. The executive account manager, for example, will give you advice on creating an excellent portfolio of outstanding diversification.

To execute winning trades, broad knowledge and understanding of the current market trends are needed. You don’t have to do the market analysis while using the Lite Forex Pro, because the broker has hired a market analyst for this purpose: who will do the job on your behalf and then advise you through sessions. The platform offers the gold account in five sessions by Market Analysis.

The minimum deposit limit for the gold account is $10,000, to proceed with the trading site. One who has an investment mind will have to apply for $100,000, and the interest is 2.5 per cent a month.

  • Platinum Account with 100% Bonus

Traders with a high level of expertise should open the platinum account because it has all the stuff a skilled trader wants. Minimum platinum account deposit is $50,000 while the minimum investment limit is $250,000. The interest rate is also increased to 3.75 per cent a month as the deposit cap is raised.

Platinum account holders will get unlimited sessions from the executive account managers with a market analyst and excellent assistance. One gets access to full trading signals with the platinum account that is very relevant for trading. The last and most important thing about the forms of account is its incredible bonus, up to 100%.

  • Diamond Account with 125% Bonus

The Diamond account is for highly professional traders who have years of trading experience. The minimum limit for the diamond account brokering and investment is $250,000 and $1,000,000, respectively. One can withdraw interest payments on a monthly basis and the interest rate on a diamond account is 3.75 per cent. For the Diamond account, unitholders there is a full range of trading signals.


  • Currency Converter

This tool effectively facilitates and illustrates the conversion of currencies of choice on the basis of current exchange rates as well as additional charges by the Dukascopy Bank.

Actually, Lite Forex Pro supports approximately 10 foreign currencies with more than 22 trading pairs, including the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), South African Rand (ZAR), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Japanese Yen.

Trading Pairs:

  • Profit Calculator

In the long run, it might be difficult to keep track of trading activity on the platform, particularly if many positions are kept open and closed. Lite Forex Pro features a profit calculator that gives users insight into results while allowing them to make optimal trading decisions. This tool estimates profits, trading volumes as well as margins while providing on-site real-time updates.

  • Margin Requirements

Trade margin requirements include details on the amount that the buyer or trader will pay in cash to open up a position on an asset class or security. Accordingly, these requirements vary with each platform and depend on established policies.

Margin criteria and policies for Lite Forex Pro are formed by the margin policy of Dukascopy Bank S.A. This is set in place during the investment cycle to mitigate risks and liabilities.

Hence, this tool allows for proper measurement of the minimum equity requirements for a position to be available for trading. The web dashboard also supports the measurement of the leverage-based margin trading line, the current market valuation and the trading instrument.

  • Overnight Swaps

Overnight swaps are instrumental in keeping a position on the market to trade long or short. Traders use this tool over a period of time to buy an asset or security. Such positions remain open for a certain time frame and when the position is to be left open longer than this period the trader gets paid interest.

For example, an overnight swap or rollover is paid when a trader opens a position that has to be closed at the end of a business day that keeps this position overnight or longer than the closing day.

It could depend negatively or positively on the price of the asset or security involved. It is also subject to bank policies for the site in most cases. Overnight Swaps on Lite Forex Pro are determined by the account’s level of trading activity.

This method measures swap rates that are supposed to be credited to the account while basing the roll-over policy on the percentage of non-roll-over trades carried out within the last 30 days of the request.

Such percentages are categorized as regular (< 20 per cent), advanced (> 20 per cent) and premium (> 90 per cent) and based on those percentages are the rollover conditions. It is important to note that on this platform, overnight swap rates are weighted on the carry costs of the market, as well as Central Bank target rates.

User-friendly Interface

At times, the complex brokerage interface makes trade difficult for new traders and contributes to dissatisfaction. The feelings of frustration on the part of customers also lead to negative reviews.

Lite Forex Pro interface is collaborative and user-friendly for both newborn and experienced traders alike. Every feature on the web is easy to navigate and while using the broker’s app, beginners will have no difficulty.

Educational Materials

This aspect of the digital market is more favourable to novice and newbies. As explained earlier, the foreign exchange market is readily accessible to the public, regardless of whether you’re a newbie. Several brokers today are offering many resources for new users to improve their knowledge of the trade.

Lite Forex Pro provides customers with full access to outstanding educational resources through its dedicated unit, the Lite Forex Pro Education Centre, as new entrants continue to sign up for trading accounts on a daily basis. It also equips them with advanced trading tools designed to improve the efficiency of the trade.

Active Customer Support

The Lite Forex Pro support team is working round the clock to provide the best possible accommodation for traders and investors. The support staff is highly qualified to allow traders to efficiently use the platform.

Beginners who are new to the trading arena will get support from the broker’s staff in any on-site action. If you have any question about protection of assets or the complexity of the interface, you can contact the broker via the broker’s ”Contact Us” section. Lite Forex Pro customer portal provides prompt customer support without delay.


Lite Forex Pro employs encryption layers to ensure that funds and accounts are safe. It requires multi-layer authentication to ensure privacy and security for the customer and account is maintained.

It has also allowed VPS hosting on its network, which helps keep automated trading strategies secure to minimize the risks of losing trading positions or funds to prying hands.

Is Lite Forex Pro a Scam?

The criteria for testing any forex broker’s reliability is to make sure it has a strong report in the market. And the good report created when the assets on the platform stay safe, without any chance of losing. Due to its legal and trusted nature, Lite Forex Pro has a long track record of good reputation among traders.

Before using any provider of brokerage services, one should ensure whether they are restricted or not. Lite Forex Pro is a member of a responsible regulatory body ensuring that it is secure in nature.


Lite Forex Pro is a trading platform where a wide range of products such as stocks, bonds, indices, commodities and cryptocurrency can be exchanged. In addition to such a comprehensive list of tradable assets, Lite Forex Pro allows you to leverage advanced technical methods and indicators for technical analysis in order to extract future trading profits.

The controlled essence of Lite Forex Pro and its AML and KYC policy priorities declare the broker to be one of the best forex brokers out there. Adding reliable trading platforms makes it more attractive for both traders and investors.

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