Clients Are Set For The Ethereum Merge

84.6% of Ethereum clients are set for the merge happening on Sept 15th. Ethernode countdown shows 2 days 17 hours to the merge, with 16,605 blocks to be mined. However, there has been a drop in the hashrate from 900TH/s to 875TH/s.

The Readiness Of Clients For The Upgrade

Statistical data shows the clients’ readiness for the merge on the Ethereum network. 83% of the most used clients, Geth, 89% of Erigon clients, 99% of Besu clients, and 93% of Nethermind clients are ready for the upgrade. An estimated 83.4% of clients show readiness for the upgrade.

The Paris upgrade would be the last upgrade after the TTD has been reached and all blocks mined. This upgrade would merge the Ethereum Mainnet to the Beacon Chain consensus layer.

Vitalik Buterin recently called for developers who could find bugs in the system. This yielded results as Nethermind and Go Ethereum discovered bugs in the upgrade system. These bugs have been fixed, and the upgrade system is ready for the merge. 

Exchange platforms like Uniswap have shown support for this Ethereum transition to the Proof of Stake. They also discouraged any Ethereum Proof of Work activities on their exchanges.

The price of Ethereum was not left out from these recent activities too. There has been a 19% increase in the past seven days, as ETH rose above $1700. However, due to volatility, the price has declined.

Things To Note About The Merge

Pressing questions about the merge were answered in the ETH blog’s FAQ. These answers were given to clear all uncertainty operators or investors may have about the merge.

Node operators were to update the Beacon chain and Ethereum mainnet with improved client release before the last upgrade. This would enable their transition into the new network after the merge.

Node operators who do not upgrade their clients to the new network will be stuck on the former chain. This would prevent them from sending or receiving Ether after the merge. They would also be unable to operate on the Ethereum Proof of Stake network after the merge.

Miners were informed that the network would operate on the POS consensus mechanism after the merge. With these changes, mining activities would not be needed on the POS network. 

Ethereum holders were advised to remain calm as the merge would not affect their holding. However, they were instructed to be on the lookout for scammers giving wrong information and recommendations.

Preparations for the merge are in top gear as the date approaches. Mining activities on the network has increased to mine all blocks to trigger the upgrade.