BTC Price Prediction: BTC To Trade At $79,193 By 2025

Finder reports reveal that some industry experts believe the flagship crypto, BTC, will keep trading in a straight line for the rest of the year. However, analysts predict that the coin could skyrocket to $79,193 by 2025.

Bitcoin’s Price Prediction 

A panel that comprises 55 crypto and fintech specialists believe Bitcoin will trade at $21,344 before the year ends. Consequently, the price would also jump to about $79,193 in 2025.

Similarly, CoinSmart CEO, Justin Hartzman, predicted that Bitcoin will end the year at $17,000 before hitting $75,000 in 2025.

According to Hartzman, BTC is suffering as a result of external macro conditions. He added that Bitcoin reaching about $75,000 in 2025 could depend on the outcome of BTC’s halving. 

He said Bitcoin’s value could shoot up if the regulatory climate and macro conditions get better.

However, 53% of the committee noted that Bitcoin could keep emulating tech stocks. Nik Oraevsky, Bitcoin Reserve CEO, noted that Bitcoin’s correlation with the traditional market is very high.

Currently, the traditional market is trading straights. However, this depends on the Fed’s fiscal policy in the next quarter.

Although the crypto market has suffered a high price decline, 77% of the specialists opined that BTC remains a store of value. The cryptocurrency’s dominance has dipped below 40%.

In addition, Ben Ritchie, Digital Capital Management’s MD, argued that BTC is a more valuable asset than a currency. According to him, BTC will end 2022 at $30,000 before hitting $150,000 in 2025. 

Is Bitcoin Underpriced?

Another specialist, Van Hoorde, CEO of Delta, also noted that BTC has immense value. However, the currency has not proved to be a hedge against inflation as most individuals believed. 

Despite the price predictions for Bitcoin, 56% of the specialists opined that the flagship currency is underpriced. One of them is FV Bank CEO, Miles Paschini. 

He asserts that Bitcoin has limited supply and is rare, but this factor does not reflect in the price of the currency. Meanwhile, 19% of the panelists argue that the coin is quite overpriced. 

Mitesh Shah, Omnia Markets CEO, said that Bitcoin could end 2022 trading at $16,000. The CEO argued that there are still more lows on the way for Bitcoin.

Further, 54% noted that Ethereum, the largest altcoin by market cap, would overtake BTC’s market cap by 2024. As of July 2021, 68% of panelists expected the huge takeover to have happened by now.

By press time, Bitcoin was trading at $19,145 after dropping by 0.03% in the past 24 hours.