Avalanche (AVAX) Surges 30% Following Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Amazon Web Services has joined forces with Ava Labs.
  • Amazon Web Services will support AVAX’s decentralized application ecosystem and infrastructure.
  • The announcement saw Avalanche’s price gaining around 30% within hours.

The leading cloud computing provider, Amazon Web Service (AWS), has partnered with a blockchain technology firm, Ava Labs, to help enhance the blockchain’s adoption in different industries. The collaboration aims to streamline how organizations and individuals launch and control nodes on Avalanche, Ava Labs’ layer1 network, and to ensure more flexibility and strength for developers utilizing the platform.

AWS Collaborates with Avalanche

Amazon Web Services will support Avalanche’s dApp (decentralized application) ecosystem and infrastructure on its marketplace alongside single-click node deployments. The partnership will also see Ava Labs joining Amazon Web Services’ Active program.

The active program supports early-stage entrepreneurs and startups on how to get started on AWS’s platform. The move represents a substantial forward stride for blockchain tech, making the platform more accessible and seamless for organizations and individuals.

Multiple blockchains have already used Avalanche to run their platform, and the number will likely increase with AWS’s support. Ava Labs President John Wu stated that they have more than 500 apps on the platform, and the latest ‘real’ partnership will mean a better experience, capitalizing on the Active program.

Further, this collaboration welcomes another era for blockchain tech since it is the initial foundational deal for Amazon Web Services with a blockchain firm. Also, Ava Labs plans to increase its subnet deployment as a controlled service to AWS’s marketplace, enabling institutions and individuals to launch their custom subnets seamlessly.

Subnets remain critical for AVAX’s scaling solution. Moreover, they switch traffic away from the primary platform, allowing projects to stake the native AVAX while building their layer1 or layer2 blockchains. Howard Wright of AWS stated that multiplying the Active program and Avalanche’s subnet yields a seminal moment. He added that blockchain tech might develop into a commonplace for developer activity.

This partnership confirms that blockchain technology will witness accelerate adoption in the coming times. With support from leading players such as Amazon Web Services, Ava Labs remains in a lucrative position to ensure substantial impacts in the blockchain space. Moreover, it is a fascinating moment for the entire blockchain industry.

The latest announcement saw Avalanche (AVAX) recording an approximately 30% price surge within hours. Also, the altcoin capitalized on the positive market mood that saw Bitcoin heading toward the $18K zone.

Nonetheless, despite positive action on Wednesday, AVAX’s price remains nearly 84% down from the previous year. The token (like almost nearly all its peers) has a long journey before hitting the ranges of printing new all-time highs. Still, the latest deal with a renowned internet platform represents a lucrative step in the correct direction.