A 12 Years Old Boy Makes 80 ETH From His Non-Fungible Token Collection

Benjamin Ahmed, a London-based 12-year-old boy, made about 80 ETH from his NFT collection. He sold his 8-bit style whales of about 3,350 units at 0.025 ETH for each unit in less than 24 hours. Currently, the total revenue from the sales equals $248,000.

Putting the $300 worth of ETH gas fees into the budget of the NFT collection, it is evident that the boy is in massive profit. But that is not all to it.

After being interviewed by CNBC, Ahmed revealed that he received a commission for his sales worth 30 ETH from the secondary market. This is approximately $93,000 from the current Ethereum price. Ahmed earns about 2.5% royalty on every secondary sale made through him.

Speaking with CNBC, he said, “I learned about NFTs at the beginning of this year, and I got so fascinated with how it works, especially the transfer of ownership through blockchain.”

In another interview with Loop News, he added more details to his exposure to the Non-Fungible Tokens. He said, “My Dad first explained NFTs to me and mentioned how his friend acquires some Rare Pepes.”

Minecraft Yee Haa: Ahmed’s First Collection

To begin with, Ahmed created all the video game art pieces and coded them by himself. The Minecraft avatars turned NFT collections, however, wasn’t a success instantly. However, as the fame of the boy in the NFT space increases, his pieces became popular alongside.

Weird Walles: Ahmed’s Second Collection

To create Weird Whales, he let a phyton script do the randomizing work and create the collection. In doing this, he met an expert who mentored him on a Discord group.

Loop News reported, “A major contribution to this launch is the team at Boring Bananas that the python scripts he used to put the traits together, while Vee helped Ahmed to set the project up and mentored him till he launched the project.”

Currently, the total 3,350 whales created were sold out in less than 24 hours, and the rise of the NFT collection just began in space.

What will Little Ahmed Use the Money for?

The little boy who seems to know what he is getting into said, “When people acquire Weird Whales, they are doing nothing but investing in me and my future,” as he told CNBC.

Continuing, he revealed his plans for the money generated from the sales. He said, “I don’t have plans to convert the money to fiat but to keep them all in Ether. This might be proof that we will not need a bank account in the future.” He might have to have a bank account eventually for tax purposes.

The boy’s father, who is also a programmer, has been helping him secure his collections as his intellectual properties. As reported by the new outlet, the father has contacted lawyers who will help him trademark weird whales and his other projects to come.