Web3, NFTs, DAOs Rescuing Ukraine

The world has seen DAOs, NFT platforms, and Web3 development other players have donated everything from NFTs to crypto showing their stand to support the Ukraine government.

The team behind Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has donated $1 million in Ether (ETH) to the Ukraine government.  The Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) people made the funds donation which is equal to its community memberships, who also donated around $1 million funds to the Ukrainian government. Furthermore, decentralized stake provider based in Ukraine Everstake also sent its first share of financial support to the Ukrainian government of almost $1 million, which is donated by its large Solana community

There are so many examples of how DAOs and NFTs are rapidly responding to the requests made by the Ukrainian government from someone transferring DAO raised over $6 million through NFT sales for aiding Ukraine citizens to CryptoPunk #5364 into Ukrainian Ethereum wallets which value above $200,000. The position of NFT and DAO’s businesses have been made clear by them that they are against the war and would want to see the end of the Russian military operation asap.

Because of this disastrous situation arising in Europe, blockchain is allowing to speed up the efforts which were never possible before. The previous methods of collecting money were very slow, costly and so many times corroded with corruption and fraud.

The boundaryless type of wealth has changed the way the public makes donations to the campaigns they want to contribute. With BTC and other cryptocurrency platforms, contributors can make 100% sure that the movements and causes will be receiving the funds. All they require is the addresses of wallets and just sent the cryptocurrency to that address. They can check through the blockchain like Etherscan to watch the status of their donations, which will provide peace of mind to the contributors that their donations have reached the recipient.

BTC and other crypto have proved that they are the quickest, most inexpensive, and very secure way to do financial transactions all around the globe. The Ukraine government can securely save cryptocurrency without worrying about attacking forces stealing it or collapsing their financial structure because of the ongoing war. This is why Cryptocurrencies were made to move the capital around the world wherever it is required without any hurdles.