Trades Universal Review – Is Trades Universal Scam or Satisfactory as a Broker?

Trades Universal Review

Trades Universal logoIn this review, I am going to introduce you to a new broker which is known as Trades Universal who has managed to get a lot of popularity shortly after its launch. It has shown an impressive all-round performance which has proved the reason for its success. In this Trades Universal review, I will share some of its features that became the stimulus for its success.

You will see a lot of people searching for a good broker. It is because profitable trading is not possible without the help of an ideal broker. The right broker possesses the ability to make or ruin your trading career. You should always remember this point because if you keep this point in mind, then it would help you in finding the right broker. The significance of a broker is that it acts as a culvert and connects two pieces of land which are the trader and the market in this case. Both the market and the trader cannot survive each other, but the brokers are the requirement of both of them.

With the above analogy, you would have understood the importance of a broker, but the role of a broker is not just limited to this only. It not just unites the two parties but also provides various tools and features which make their lives easy. These features include a trading platform, security measures, customer support service, and many more. But unfortunately, every brokerage platform is not reliable. This is a big problem faced by traders, and the reason is that some brokers have broken the trust of traders. Another reason behind the success of brokerage platforms is that they provide a large number of facilities in one place. But unluckily, most of today’s brokers have failed to do so because of their inability.

You will find bulks of this type of brokers in the market, but you will have to distinguish between good and bad brokers. But to do so need to have a complete know-how of the trading market and brokers if you don’t want to be taken advantage of. But the problem deteriorates further with the fact that both the good and bad brokers look the same. You need to find other testing criteria because their appearances are the same. But they make mistakes, and if you pay close attention, you can find them. They lure their clients by offering to make them rich overnight, and they say that there is no risk in trading.

All brokers are not the same in terms of features and experience. Some of them are not capable of providing multiple services through one platform, and some of them don’t even want to do so. This is why you need to understand the difference between a genuine and a fake brokerage platform. But if you feel that you cannot figure out the difference, then let me help you in this hour of need. The first thing which you should look at while investigating is the trading platform of the broker. The trading platform of genuine brokers will tell you itself about the standard of the broker. And I am not referring to the colors or look of the platform, but the way information is organized. Its commands execution will be error-free, and the software will not lag at all. The material will be perfectly organized, and you won’t see any grammatical mistakes as well. But the bogus brokers will be the exact opposite of this, and all the information will be clustered to miss guide the traders.

When you check the security arrangement, they will also be impressive on good platforms. Good brokerage platforms never compromise on their customers’ security at any cost. They understand that if traders face a loss, the brokers face the loss as well. Criminals usually target traders in two ways. They either misuse their personal information or steal their funds. Considering this loss as their loss, good brokers implement security policies to make their trading platform safe and secure for every trader.

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To avoid any catastrophe, you need to pick your broker with extreme care and precaution. Remember that this will be your only chance because if unluckily you choose the wrong one, you will not be left with any funds to pick another broker soon. So you need to finalize the broker only after complete research on the history and features of the broker. And if you show laziness in this matter, then it will prove costly for you because your whole trading experience will be affected. To have a profitable and luxury trading experience, you need to invest some time in finding the right broker for yourself. But if you are short on time and want to take the expert opinion on this matter, then read this review completely because I am writing it after a thorough study and personally using Trades Universal. I would recommend you to select this broker without wasting time on research because this is an already tested broker.

Trading Instruments Offered By Trades Universal

Availability of multiple trading instruments is a feature that helps traders, both new and experienced ones, in diversifying their trading portfolio. It is a natural tendency of traders to invest their money in more and more assets. But if a broker is not providing sufficient trading options, then he is restricting their growth potential. If a tree is not provided enough space to expand its roots, it becomes unable to grow and nourish. Similarly, if a trader is restricted in terms of assets, he will not be able to grow, and his career will not flourish. So those brokers who understand the importance of endless trading options have better chances of excelling rapidly.

More trading options mean more opportunities which is a great advantage because, in this way, traders never get bored or tired. When you observe Trades Universal, you will see that it provides more trading assets compared to its counterparts. But why do other brokers neglect this feature that is so important? The answer to this question is simple that ordinary brokers only offer those assets which provide them more commission. It means that they keep their interests above then the benefit of their traders. So it is better for you to go for a broker like Trades Universal, which prioritizes traders’ benefit over its own.

If you also like diversity and want to trade various trading instruments, then you should seriously consider Trades Universal. On this platform, you can trade CFDs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. But if you lack experience and don’t know which option is more profitable, then keep reading this review because I am going to tell you about these instruments in detail. The first option for you is CFDs (Contracts for Difference). This feature helps traders to trade every asset with more advantages and opportunities. For example, your funds will be automatically directed towards more profitable trading assets. This will help you in balancing your investment among various assets. Another advantage of this kind of trading is that the broker will add his investment if you lack money to purchase a certain trading instrument.

If your knowledge of Decentralized Finance is above average and you are interested in taking some risks for better profit, then cryptocurrency is the best option for you. Trades Universal allows the trading of hundreds of digital coins under the cryptocurrency banner. In the presence of so many options, you will never get tired of this trading instrument. But one thing which I want to tell you explicitly is that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature. Their price fluctuates randomly and continuously. But if you don’t hesitate and rather act fast on opportunities, then you can convert this risk into profit easily. The main attraction of cryptocurrencies is their high returns. With Trades Universal, you can trade hundreds of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and Ripple. All these digital coins have different behavior and advantage.

The third option available for you on Trades Universal is stocked. Unlike cryptocurrencies, it is an old trading instrument used since the days before the digitalization of trading. With this trading instrument, you can fulfill your dream of owning a big company. You can buy some stocks of companies like Tesla, Google, and Amazon and become a partial owner. This market has a lot of potentials, and people have achieved much awareness about it as well.

If you have still not made up your mind about the trading instrument, then I have another good option for you as well. It is a safer option compared to all the above-mentioned trading instruments. It is none other than commodities. Commodities are of two types, soft commodities and hard commodities. Commodities are the oldest method of trading which in ancient times mainly consisted of food items. But today, you can trade many things in this category, such as metals, oil, energy, agricultural products, and natural gas.

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Security Protocols

Security is an essential feature that can never be compromised. It is a requirement of every trader, and its need has increased considerably in recent years. The reason is that trading has shifted to the online medium, and technology has evolved as well. But this has led to an increased number of cyber-attacks. To shield the traders from such attacks, brokers need to provide foolproof security, but a majority of brokerage platforms are not paying attention to this dire need. The situation even worsens when brokers claim and give an impression that they are completely secure, but the reality is the opposite. This is a very serious matter, and you should not let any broker fool you.

Security is very important because if the trading platform is not secure, then trading will become very difficult for you. Online Trading, which is not much difficult, becomes complicated if proper security measures are not taken. The solution to this problem is a good broker. This is a quality which traders should look for in a broker before registering himself on the platform. Those traders who fail to do so end up losing either money or personal information or even both.

Trades Universal has taken security very seriously and made every possible effort to further secure its platform. It has taken many steps to ensure the safety of its clients. The first step the broker has taken is the use of updated encryption software. It is called a Secured Socket Layer or SSL in short form. Encryption helps the traders to feel safe because it encrypts all information instantly after uploading on the platform. When the information gets converted into codes, both the trader and the broker feel comfortable.

The second step for the security of traders is the implementation of security policies. Trades Universal has implemented two security policies two ensure the safety of its respected traders. These policies are not any random self-made policies but standard policies implemented by top brokers only. These policies are named Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). The purpose there implementation is to only let verified clients enter the platform and keep an eye on the transactions as well.

Accessibility From All Devices

A big advantage of using the Trades Universal brokerage platform is that it is compatible with every type of device being used nowadays. For example, you can use this platform on tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and mobiles. The broker, in collaboration with its software developers, has designed a platform that is easy to use and intuitive. A user-friendly interface proves more beneficial if you are a beginner in the online market and need some help to navigate the trading platform.

Today, we are living in a fast-moving world where we are here one moment, but we may be four thousand miles away after a few hours. So we cannot carry our computers with us all the time. So those people who travel frequently can take advantage of this feature and use the services of this broker from a mobile phone. It means that you will be available in the market 24/7 and able to avail the opportunity.

Easy Transaction Methods

Almost every trader appreciates simple and easy ways of transferring or depositing money. But the majority of brokerages have made it difficult because they are not flexible regarding transactions and allow only one method of transaction. You can confirm this by visiting a few brokerages, and you will notice only a few brokers provide more than one option, and those too are not convenient from traders’ point of view.

Trading becomes easy for traders if they are provided with easier methods for deposits and withdrawals. It is because this feature comes in the use of traders very often, and without depositing money in their accounts, they cannot trade further. Trades Universal doesn’t restrict its customers on this point as well. You will be able to make transactions smoothly and quickly without any issues. And Trades Universal provides a lot of options for this purpose as well. First of all, you can use the debit card or credit card option. It is the easiest way of transferring money and quick also. The second option is wire to wire transfer. Although this method is not as fast as the first option, it guarantees safety, and no personal information is at risk in this method.

But if you don’t want to use any of these methods, then you can use the cryptocurrency option. Many traders nowadays like to transfer funds in the form of cryptocurrencies because it is convenient. So instead of making trading difficult for yourself, go for a broker who is providing you ease of mind.

Customer Support Service

Although experience matters a lot in the trading world, every trader needs help at one stage or another. But mostly, new traders find it difficult to understand the information provided by the broker. Therefore good brokers assign a team of professional traders to help the traders whenever they need. But some of the brokers, who don’t care about their traders, skip this feature and only rely on FAQs. Even though FAQs are also helpful, but they cannot serve the purpose of customer support service. But if you sign up with Trades Universal, then you wouldn’t have to worry about this feature as well because it has reserved some of its most competent traders for the role of customer support.

The customer support representatives remain available through the email option 24/7. But if you want to share your problem through a call, then this option is also available. You can call on the numbers provided on its website between 08:00 to 22:00 GMT. You will receive a very polite response from its representatives whenever you contact them. The response time of the customer support service is also very good, and you will not have to wait longer. Your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

An appropriate brokerage platform will provide all the above-mentioned features. Trades Universal is a great place to start your trading career. It is safe, reliable, provides robust customer support and various trading instruments. If you are prepared to start online trading, I would suggest you register with this broker only.

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