Three Arrows Capital CEO Abandons Ethereum due to Gas Fee Issue

The Crypto market is always seeing new developments around the clock; amid these developments, cryptocurrencies either see a bump in their price or a huge slaying of value across the board. It is nothing new but definitely a spectacle to witness, especially if the market is in high spirits or crashing like a freefall. The CEO of Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu, has given up on Ethereum even after supporting it in the past on various fronts. He says that in a tweet that he has abandoned Ethereum the same way as Ethereum has abandoned its old consumers.

He sees this speculative progression of Ether as a crypto and blockchain technology where affordability has become a massive debate. Bitcoin is the flagship cryptocurrency and so rich in value, is already not in the reach of many investors and those who are serious about the crypto market used to turn to Ethereum, but now, according to Su Zhu, Ethereum has also become a high priority asset where newcomers can’t afford the chain.

Su Zhu has Nothing to do with Ethereum Anymore

There is literally no space for newcomers, and this is what troubles the CEO of Three Arrows Capital the most; everyone should be given an equal chance, especially when it comes to an investment opportunity, and it is decentralization we’re talking about which is unbiased and should be in reach of everyone. Su Zhu says that not only this problem exists, but no one in the wide broad crypto community is willing to raise their voice for it, it is as if this thing would go on without anyone noticing or caring even though they lose it, and that is gross according to Su Zhu.

He has not only abandoned Ethereum but liquidated his assets which were locked in the form of Ethereum tokens, and he is now approaching new possibilities and initiatives such as investing in Blizzard, which is going to launch a new project for the sake of promoting the development of Avalanche which is believed to be the most tenacious competitor of Ethereum. Despite the fact that Su Zhu is among the largest crypto holders in the world, he will most definitely not be investing in Ethereum, or so he says.