Survey: The Most Cryptocurrency-Aware Nation Currently Is Ukraine

BrokerChooser, in its recent research, found out that Ukraine appears to be the highest crypto-aware country being succeeded by Russia (at the second position), the United States (having the third rank), and Kenya (securing fourth place). The population of Ukraine (a state in Eastern Europe) is keenly interested in virtual assets.

Outperforming the giants

BrokerChooser (a crypto brokerage company) focused on various aspects like the cumulative amount of virtual asset owners as well as the worldwide adoption index for ensuring the top-aware country regarding cryptocurrency throughout the world. The crypto-related search phrases also contributed to the respective survey. Notwithstanding the financial problems, the great extent of poverty, and war problems of the country, it has been reported that Ukrainians have recently expressed an intense interest in virtual assets and were ranked number 1 in the chart as securing 7.97 points (from 10). The biggest nation in terms of landmass, Russia, positioned second. However, the largest economy, “the United States of America,” was placed in third place.

It is of great importance that another country named Kenya secured the fourth position despite the economic difficulties that had been experienced by it. Since then, this is not to be surprised because it has been outlined by the research that the participants dealing with the newly evolving markets frequently get interested in the industry of digital assets for the protection of their savings from the devaluation of the currency. On the contrary, Eastern Asia, North America, and other well-developed areas are chiefly powered by institutional investors, as noted by BrokerChooser.

Ukraine prepared for crypto

The crypto environment across Ukraine (the former Soviet state) is confusing to some extent because, at present, the status of digital tokens is neither prohibited nor legal. Although Ukrainians are not in a position to utilize Bitcoin (BTC) or any of the altcoins to be used as the options for payments regarding services or goods, investors and traders are allowed to purchase as well as trade them through exchanges across the country. The Digital Transformation Minister “Mykhailo Fedorov” brought to the front the popularity of the virtual asset class among the population of Ukraine. He encouraged the optimism saying that there are chances for the European nation to turn out to be one among those having a legal status.