Shiba Inu (SHIB): Bulls to Eye $0.0000090 Return as Shibarium Upgrade Approaches

  • Shiba Inu joined Wednesday’s broad market bullish party to record uptrends.
  • While Federal conference minutes tested investor sentiment late during the session, the NASDAQ Index and United States economic data ensued mid-week support.
  • SHIB’s technical indicators are switching to bullish, indicating more price gains.

The meme coin market sees a choppy morning after Wednesday’s breakout. What next for Shiba Inu and Dogecoin? For now, network updates remain crucial for another possible breakout session. For instance, SHIB might flourish soon as its Shibarium update nears.

Yesterday’s improved market cues had Shiba Inu (SHIB) soaring by 2.95% to reverse Tuesday’s 0.37% drop. The Dogecoin competitor finalized the session near the $0.00000838 region. It’s noteworthy that SHIB dodged the $0.0000080 vicinity for the 3rd successive session.

Meanwhile, mixed moves saw the meme coin dropping to early Wednesday lows of $0.00000811. Shiba Inu accumulated strength from the first massive foothold of $0.00000806 to tally towards $0.00000852 late highs. The alt overpowered enormous resistance zones before retracing from the $0.00000845 3rd obstacle to close the day at around $0.00000840.

Bullish Crypto Market and Network Updates Supported Prices

The cryptocurrency market experienced a bullish wave on Wednesday as market participants cheered Bitcoin’s anniversary. Remember, Nakamoto, minted the first BTC block on 3 January 2009. Unfortunately, no external market forces or cryptocurrency events supported the breakouts.

The NASDAQ Index and U.S. economic indicators offered support during the afternoon. Deeper contraction in the United States manufacturing sector and weaker than anticipated JOLTs job openings indicated that the Federal financial policy was working.

Nonetheless, hawkish FOMC conference minutes measured buyers’ sentiment during late moves in the session. Though Federal minutes, NASDAQ Index, and stats offered direction, the latest network updates have remained crucial to the upsides from late December price levels.

Dogecoin Foundation’s latest development fund launch and the awaited Shibarium release have catalyzed buyer interest in the canine-themed cryptos. Also, the hopes of Twitter continuing the project to incorporate DOGE and other digital coins for payments on the social platform offered support.

Today, United States economic statistics and the NASDAQ will influence the market. Nonetheless, any Twitter chatter or network update would stimulate Shiba Inu and Dogecoin more.

Shiba Inu Price Action

While writing this analysis, Shiba Inu wavered at around $0.00000842, following a 0.48% increase. Mixed moves early today witnessed the meme token plummeting to $0.00000832 lows before soaring toward the $0.00000843 peak.

Technical Indicators

Shiba Inu should dodge a decline below $0.00000834 to keep the hopes of surging to the first massive resistance of $0.00000856 alive. Reclaiming $0.00000850 would confirm bullishness during the afternoon.

Nonetheless, Shiba Inu will likely remain under the influence of Shibarium upgrade news and the broad cryptocurrency market cues. In the scenario of stretched rallies, the alt might rise to hit the second colossal resistance of $0.00000875. Another massive obstacle sits near $0.00000916.

A move under $0.00000834 would suggest dips. That would clear the downsides toward the initial massive support of $0.00000815. Nevertheless, excluding another escalated plunge, Shiba Inu should escape $0.00000800 and the 2nd crucial support barrier at $0.00000793. Another dependable foothold locates at $0.00000752.

SHIB’s EMAs display a bullish sign, with the alt swaying beyond the 100day EMA ($0.00000828). The 50day EMA moved into the 100day EMA early today, as the 100day EMA narrowed into the 200day EMA – signaling bullishness for the alt. However, time will clarify everything. In addition, SHIB enthusiasts should watch potential news about the project’s upgrades and developments from the crypto industry.