Reasons Why Australian Traders Love BCRCorp – A Concise BCRCorp Review

BCRCorp Review

BCRCorp has emerged as one of the best brokers for Australian traders. It is not a claim made by the company but the way the traders from Australia are joining the platform definitely proves that. An online broker has to provide a lot of great features for it to be considered even among the best brokers. BCRCorp has definitely done a great job in creating some great trading conditions, offering one of the best trading platforms, and throwing in some attractive promotions for its traders. Let’s take a look at all the reasons that have made so many Australian traders fall in love with this broker.

Reasons Australians Love BCRCorp as Their Broker

It Is an Australian Company

The first thing you have to know here is that BCRCorp is an Australian company. It understands the Australian market and the minds of the Australian traders. In addition to that, it follows and adheres to the strictest guidelines that come from ASIC. Australian Securities and Investments Commission is the biggest authority in the country that regulates most of the online brokers in the country. Regulation and affiliation with ASIC proves that a broker provides safe and reliable services to its traders. The license number of the company is available on the website. The availability of the license number on the website only shows that the broker is legitimate and operating within the guidelines set by the Australian regulating authorities.

It Has Three Different Account Types

One of the ways for traders to recognize the best brokers is through the accounts being offered. The right broker cares about all of its traders and thus has different account types that suit different types of traders. You have three different account types to choose from when you sign up with BCRCorp. The most expensive and advanced account type is called the Pro account. However, as a new trader, you would want to sign up with the Standard account. You can open this account with a small amount of just 300 AUD. However, if you want a small initial deposit and are looking for tight spreads, you should go for the Alpha account.

While there are commissions involved in this particular account type, you can take advantage of spreads that can be as low as 0.1 pips. Open any of these accounts and you will have access to the best financial markets of the world.

It Offers Cryptocurrency Trading

That’s something you cannot expect from every Australian broker at the moment. Many of the brokers are still considering this option because they want to minimize their risks. On the other hand, you have brokers like BCRCorp who not only care about their risks but also about the benefits of their traders. BCRCorp has brought cryptocurrency market on its trading platform. What you are going to admire more about the broker is that you can trade multiple cryptocurrencies on its platform. Some of the best online brokers from Australia are still stuck with Bitcoin as the only cryptocurrency available for their traders to trade. BCRCorp, on the other hand, gives you access to Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin when it comes to trading digital coins.

Its Trading Conditions Are Great

When trading conditions are great, traders can make a lot of money with their trades. Small profits can be annoying for new traders because they cause them to progress very slowly. However, when you are a trade with BCRCorp, you will not have to deal with that issue. The leverages you have available with this broker are some of the biggest a broker can offer in the industry. Whether you want to trade currencies in the forex market or CFDs that include the cryptocurrencies, you can have leverages of 1:400 on your trades. You will gain access to 36 different currency pairs from your trading platform and 56 more CFD instruments.

Its Trading Platform Is the Best

A broker can really show from its trading platform how much it cares about its traders. BCRCorp has definitely shown that it cares about its brokers by offering MetaTrader 4 as the trading platform. Ask anyone who is associated with trading and he/she will tell you that there is no trading platform better than MetaTrader 4 whether you talk about ease of trading or the level of customization on the platform. You are also going to love the fact that the trading platform can come on any platform you like. Whether you use Windows computers or a Mac from Apple, you can download and use the software on any of these devices.

You can also have the software installed on your mobile device. Once again, there is no restriction on you in terms of the operating system. The trading platform will perform the same whether you are on an Android device or an iOS device.

Its Customer Support Rules

As soon as you land on the website, you will see a window on the right hand side. This window allows you to chat with one of the representatives from the company. You can ask these professionals whatever questions you have and get answers instantly. An email address on the website can be used by traders to send in their concerns. You can also use the phone number to talk to professionals and get solutions to your issues instantly. There are different email addresses available for marketing, compliance, and general inquiries from the traders.

Bottom Line

BCRCorp is definitely one of the best online brokers specifically for traders from Australia. You can call it a complete broker when you look at the trading platform, trading conditions, spreads, leverages, etc. It must also be mentioned here that BCRCorp has some great promotions and bonuses for its traders. That’s something you usually don’t get from the brokers in the trading industry. However, BCRCorp is breaking the rules here and has not one or two but four different promotions. You can also get some benefits for referring people to BCRCorp. In the end, if you are an Australian trader looking for a safe Australian broker with cryptocurrency trading option, you should definitely consider BCRCorp.

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