Prominent Macro-Economist Alex Kruger Is Bullish On the Cryptocurrency Market: Here Is Why

Founder of Aike Capital and macro-economist Alex Kruger gave reasoning on why crypto has a bullish future and also commented on the state of the crypto market in the short and long term.

Alex’s Point of view

In a recent threat posted on Twitter, Alex Kruger shared the following information regarding the performance and impact of crypto in the market.

Because of crypto, payment platforms like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay have started to see an improvement in user base. It is not long that more platforms like these will soon join the train. Investments in Bitcoin and Stablecoins will keep on coming in the long run as more and more people will be interested in joining the hype. Meanwhile, a massive increase in yields will be seen. Kruger said that traditional yield such as cash is no good. Rates need to become stable as well, or it will not be a good future.

CBDC’s will be one of the most important aspects for crypto to flourish and is seen to become the next big thing. CBDCs will not only allow banks to embrace digitization, run ledgers, and enable smart contracts but will also help users find an easy way to connect to the blockchains, making it easier to access the crypto space. Alex mentioned Bitcoin and said that it is the first time that crypto has crossed the 60k barrier without causing any issues in market sustainability. It means that yields generated can be obtained without risking the sustainability of the market.

Addressing the Haters

After a few more descriptions, Alex addressed the crypto haters, giving them the reason why crypto is hopefully going to become a much more valuable asset than traditional assets. Alex said that crypto would conquer industries that contribute to the damaging of the environment. Most of the electricity utilized is renewable, or it would be wasted if we take a look at the negative electricity prices. Most of the blockchains based on PoS are safer for the environment and are not harmful at all.

Concluding his reasoning, Alex ended the thread by saying that nobody complains about the people who waste precious energy on running expensive electronics at home, conducting expensive trips, and other things that do not contribute to any profit. Crypto, on the other hand, actually helps in figuring out solutions to problems and also helps at the increase in value.