Price Analysis of ZUM TOKEN (ZUM) and MetaDogecolony (DOGECO)

323.95% Uplift Recorded for ZUM TOKEN

ZUM TOKEN (ZUM) is currently among the promising and highly profiting cryptocurrencies. This is because a 323.95% rally has been recorded for the ZUM TOKEN protocol in the past 24-hours. The surge has pushed the value of ZUM TOKEN to $0.00001631 per ZUM.

Investors currently have high opinions about the growing price of ZUM TOKEN. Therefore, they may continue supporting the high trend for ZUM TOKEN with increased buying power.

ZUM TOKEN’s trading volume has also grown because the investors have been pouring in money to accumulate them to form a strong rally. The trading volume has reportedly grown by 30.26% in the last 24-hours, and it may continue surging as the price of ZUM TOKEN grows higher.

In near future, the buying power of the investors may grow to a higher level, which may escalate ZUM TOKEN’s price to $0.00004272 per ZUM. The RSI for ZUM TOKEN is currently over the midline, and it is displaying an upstream channel.

This means that the RSI may soon provide ZUM TOKEN with strong positive support. This would prove extremely advantageous for the bulls, and ZUM TOKEN’s value may rise to $0.00007733 per ZUM.

The moving averages are also expected to move into the bullish zone, providing more strength to the positive sentiments. As a result, the investors may increase their accumulations in ZUM TOKEN, pushing it to $0.0001086 per ZUM.

204.25% Uplift Recorded for MetaDogecolony (DOGECO)

MegaDogecolony’s trend line is also ascending and it is attracting many investors with the intentions of high acquisitions. MegaDogecolony has grown by 204.25% in the past 24-hours, and the trading volume for MegaDogecolony is also following the same trend.

The most incredible factor to note in terms of MegaDogecolony’s growth is the trading volume that has surged by 257478.59% in the past 24-hours. The tremendous surge in the trading volume for MegaDogecolony is because of the high investment rate of the buyers in MegaDogecolony.

The valuation for MegaDogecolony has also reportedly grown at a high rate and at the time of writing, it is standing at $1,605,154.

Although MegaDogecolony is currently moving within the bullish zone, the situation hasn’t been fully bullish for MegaDogecolony. Just a few days back, MegaDogecolony price was moving in the low figures, but it has managed to grow in the past 24-hours.

This time, if the bulls keep the trend alive, then the price of MegaDogecolony may grow up to high resistance benchmarks.

The first high resistance mark MegaDogecolony may hit would be $0.000004368 per DOGECO. As the bulls hit and cross the overhead resistance mark, they may go for another buying spree to push DOGECO to $0.000006598, and then to $0.000008284.