Price Analysis of World of Cryptoids (CAC) and Kujira (KUJI)

World of Cryptoids (CAC) has reportedly been observing experiencing a surge in its trading value. The data has revealed that the value of World of Cryptoids has surged by 64.21% in the past 24-hours. Due to the surge, the CAC/USDT pair is not trading at $2.88 per CAC. World of Cryptoids’ trading volume is also flowing upstream and it has surged by 280.45%, bringing the volume up to $4,275,423.

CAC’s Buy:Sell Ratio Stands at 14:3

As of now, the buy:sell ratio for World of Cryptoids is at 14:3, which means that the majority of investors are eager to increase their gains from CAC. Therefore, the investors may continue siding with the bulls in order to push the price of World of Cryptoids higher than the current one.

The relative strength index for the World of Cryptoids is currently settled within the positive region. This means that the price of World of Cryptoids may continue moving in the higher direction. If things work out in favor of the bulls, World of Cryptoids may rise to $3.80.

In order to keep World of Cryptoids within the positive region, the investors will need to increase the buying power to push World of Cryptoids to $4.40 per CAC.

If the bulls are able to keep the bullish trend intact, then the price of World of Cryptoids may grow up to the third strong resistance mark. At the moment, the third strong resistance mark of World of Cryptoids is at $5.11 per CAC.

Kujira (KUJI) is observing a 61.31% Rally

When it comes to Kujira (KUJI), it has observed a 61.31% rally in the past 24-hours, elevating its trading value to $0.8904 per KUJI. As for the trading volume for Kujira, it has reportedly increased by 12.88% in the past 24-hours. At the time of publication, Kujira’s trading volume stands at $2,254,232.

For the Kujira bulls, the most important task is to push Kujira’s value higher and make it very attractive for the investors. Even now, the general perception around Kujira’s trading market is leaning towards high growth.

The purpose of increasing the buying power is to move Kujira’s RSI into the positive territory. This would result in pushing the price of Kujira up to the first resistance mark of $1.16 per KUJI.

The data shows that hitting the first resistance mark would only be the beginning of a high trend in favor of bulls. In the due course, the bulls will start making investments on a high level to push Kujira up to its second resistance mark of $1.34 per KUJI.

From there, the investors may start pushing harder triggering high buying power to push Kujira’s price to $1.54 per KUJI.