Price Analysis of Star Wars Cat (SWCAT) and AppleSwap (APPLE)

If you have been looking for cryptocurrencies performing well in the cryptocurrency market, then try staying tuned with SWCAT and APPLE. These cryptocurrencies include Star Wars Cat (SWCAT) and AppleSwap (APPLE), and their analysis would show us how far they may travel within the bullish territory.

Star Wars Cat’s 3983.21% Elevation

It had been such a long time since the bulls had been attempting to push Star War Cat’s value out of the deep figures. Starting February 25, the price plummeted even deeper as the figure it displayed was $0.0000003663 per SWCAT.

In the past 24-hours, the bulls have finally taken control of the situation and have managed to push Star War Cat’s value up to a high figure. As of now, the value of Star War Cat is hovering around 0.0000238, and Star War Cat has witnessed a gigantic march (3983.21%), getting to this level.

The elevation figure for Star War Cat’s trading volume is completely on another level as the growth rate recorded is 658444.74%. Surprisingly, back on the 25th of February, the trading volume for Star War Cat was just $3,674.

So far, the bulls have invested a tremendous amount of money to gain more Star War Cat and it seems that the bulls won’t stop here. It is being observed that the bulls are just getting ready to push Star War Cat even higher and hitting $0.0000238 as just a warmup.

The summary scale, the oscillators, the moving averages, and even the RSI have all migrated to the positive zone. This goes to show that the investors would side with the bulls to push Star War Cat to newer heights.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may intensify the rallies and push Star War Cat to $0.0002608 per SWCAT. The bulls are not expecting much resistance from the bears as they wouldn’t attempt to push when the bullish run is so strong. This would allow the bulls to push Star War Cat to $0.001559 and then $0.005441 per SWCAT.

AppleSwap’s 271.36% Elevation

AppleSwap is currently among the luckiest cryptocurrencies demonstrating above-average gains in the past 24-hours. The value of AppleSwap has reportedly been uplifted by 271.36% in the past 24-hours, bringing its trading price to $0.0000000001218 per APPLE.

Just like its value, the trading volume for AppleSwap is also being pushed up by the bulls. So far, the bulls have pushed the trading volume figure by 472.55%, and it may continue getting pushed up going forward.

At the moment, the data suggests that the bulls may attempt to push AppleSwap to $0.0000000004095 per APPLE. In the upcoming days, the bulls may increase their buying power, moving more investors to their corner. This would help the bulls in achieving another high value ($0.0000000008934) for AppleSwap.