Price Analysis of Scrap (SCRAP), Mooney (MOONEY), and more Cryptocurrencies

Scrap (SCRAP) has reportedly observed a 36.02% increase in a 24-hour period. The increase has helped elevate the price of Scrap up to its current price of $4.69 per SCRAP. The current interest of the investors is to keep increasing their buying power.

As the interest level of the investors remains elevated, they may continue investing more money in favor of Scrap. This would eventually help Scrap reach and cross its first resistance checkpoint ($6.37).

The price of Scrap may continue rising in the upcoming days, given strong input from the investors’ end. If the investors keep increasing their buying power, then Scrap may grow up to its second resistance checkpoint ($7.52).

The performance scale currently points towards high support for buying sentiments. This means that if the rallies remain persistent, the price of Scrap may continue rising. As the confidence of the investors remains strong, they may succeed in increasing Scrap’s price to $8.20.

Mooney (MOONEY) is also among high-performing cryptocurrencies, as its price has achieved the value of $0.01718 following a 31.92% rally in the past 24-hours. By achieving a rally at such a high number, the investors have gained the confidence of carrying on with the rally.

Although the rally may not be as strong as possible, the investors have elevated the RSI for Mooney into the positive zone. In the long run, Mooney’s value may surge given the positive sentiments of the investors. The first milestone that the investors would attempt to hit with a strong rally would be $0.02266.

At the moment, the ratio of buying investors versus the selling investors for Mooney is 10:4. This means that the investors would lean towards the accumulation of Mooney, which would help elevate Mooney’s price.

With strong support from the investors, the bulls may attempt to push Mooney to its second checkpoint of $0.02628. If the investors have any buying energy and resources left in them, they may continue going for more purchases of Mooney. This would eventually help in elevating Mooney’s price to $0.2837 per MOONEY.

Dentacoin (DCN) is also going in greens as the investors have executed a 30.84% rally in the past 24-hours. The investors have helped push the price of Dentacoin to a strong figure of $0.00001537 per DCN.

The trading volume for Dentacoin has also surged by 22.60%, and its figure currently stands at $387,636. As time goes by, the investors would gain the courage to make more investments and push its price higher. As the rally continues, Dentacoin’s price would reach up to $0.00002011. From that point, the investors would keep increasing their purchasing power to push it up to $0.00002321.