Price Analysis of Rogue Doge (ROGE), Bobatama (BOBA), and SCARDust (SCARD)

The CoinMarketCap report has just come in about three cryptocurrencies that include Rogue Doge (ROGE), Bobatama (BOBA), and SCARDust (SCARD). The report suggests that these digital currencies have demonstrated high gains in the past 24-hours. As a result, the value of these cryptocurrencies has grown up tremendously. The price analysis carried out on these cryptocurrencies shows exactly how well may perform in the upcoming days.

Rogue Doge

For a long time, the bears had control over Roge Doge, as they kept their value to a lower figure. The bulls were finally able to launch a stronger rally against the bears, which resulted in pushing Roge Doge to its current strong price.

At the time of writing, Roge Doge observes a trading price of $0.00000000003481 per ROGE. The analysis shows that Roge Doge has reached the particular price after observing a 65.69% surge. Apart from the trading price, the trading volume for Roge Doge has also elevated at a tremendous rate.

If the rally for Roge Doge remains constant and it stays alive for a longer period of time, Roge Doge may rise to $0.00000000004624 per ROGE. As time passes by, the bulls may continue strengthening the rally that would push Roge Doge to $0.00000000005384. With the passage of time, as the trend for Roge Doge becomes more positive, the price of Roge Doge may elevate to $0.00000000006268 per ROGE.


A 54.18% rally has been observed for Bobatama as well, and the rally has pushed the price of Bobatama to its current value ($0.0001569 per BOBA). The bulls have already managed to push the trading volume for Bobatama by 58.32%, and it is now sitting at $706,051.

The Bobatama buyers are also aiming to hit higher benchmarks for Bobatama in the upcoming days. As they have increased their buying power, the price of Bobatama is destined to grow even higher in the upcoming days. The constant buying efforts of the bulls may push Bobatama to the first resistance mark of $0.0002405.

In the case the potential of the bulls acquiring Bobatama intensifies, the price of Bobatama may grow up to $0.000046. With time, the bulls may grow more determined in increasing the value of Bobatama, and they may increase their buying power to hit $0.0003857.


In the past 24-hours, the rally for SCARDust has intensified with the strong buying power of the bulls. They have formed a 23.52% rally, pushing its value to $0.00000008438 per SCARD. If the bulls go for higher gains for SCARDust in the upcoming days, its demand may rise significantly, pushing it up to $0.0000001644 per SCARD.

As the situation for SCARD progresses, its value may continue elevating and become more favorable for the buyers. In the upcoming days, the rise in the demand for SCARDust may push it up to $0.0000002016 per SCARD.

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