Price Analysis of OBRok Token (OBROK) and SHIBA TRON (SHIBT)

The bulls are reportedly putting in a lot of effort to push OBRok Token (OBROK) to a higher mark in the past few days. Initially, the bears kept competing with the bulls as they tried to create rallies to push OBROK higher. The bears kept selling OBRok Token upon every low-level rally and created a huge depression in the unit price of OBRok Token.

 It was on February 21 when OBRok Token was reportedly observing a unit price of $0.0000003950 per OBROK. However, the bulls launched a 520.09% rally in the past 24-hours to bring OBRok Token to $0.000002471 per OBROK.

The trading volume for OBRok Token has also increased by 31.27%, bringing the volume up to $1,050,692. As the price of OBRok Token keeps growing, the trading volume for OBRok Token may also continue increasing at a high rate.

From the looks of it, the investors are determined to push harder with their buying power and bring OBRok Token up to $0.000008903 per OBROK.

At every increment, the bulls are expected to observe strong pressure and resistance from the bears. The bears will continue attempting it in order to pull the price of OBRok Token to a lower figure.

However, as the bears fall short on their pressure, the bulls will be able to push OBRok Token over the strong resistance marks. The bulls may attempt hitting the second resistance mark of $0.00002049 per OBROK.

The bulls may continue increasing their buying power in order to create another elevation in the price of OBRok Token. Eventually, the price of OBRok Token may get surged to $0.0003382 per OBROK.

In case the bears come stronger than ever, the price of OBRok Token may start sinking. The first dip that OBRok Token observes would be $0.000001853 per OBROK. If the bears keep exerting more pressure on the bulls with strong sales, OBRok Token may plummet to $0.000001621.

Another major pull may be in order if the sentiments of the bulls falter even more. If that happens, then the price of OBRok Token may get pushed down to $0.000001418 per OBROK.

SHIBA TRON (SHIBT) is also a major cryptocurrency that has observed a huge rally in the past 24-hours. The bulls have strengthened their buying potential in the past 24-hours, forming a 488.36% rally. The strong rally has helped push the price of SHIBA TRON up to $0.003096.

As the bulls keep pushing for higher gains, the price of SHIBA TRON may get pushed up to $0.01065 per SHIBA TRON. The SHIBA TRON bulls currently have very high sentiments, which may keep the rally persistent. If the bulls are highly determined, SHIBA TRON’s value may surge to $0.02366 per SHIBA TRON.