Price Analysis of Moonseer (MOON) and Lamden (TAU)

The trading prices and valuations of Moonseer (MOON) and Lamden (TAU) have experienced substantial growth in the past 24-hours. The on-chain data analyzing firms have shared their analyses reports for both Moonseer and Lamden to predict their upcoming prices.

Moonseer Grows by 400.52%

The price of Moonseer before the surge was at a low of $0.00004157 per MOON. However, the bulls have gone for a higher acquisition run in the past 24-hours, demonstrating a 400.52% rally. Following the massive assembly, the price of Moonseer has been pushed up to its current value of $0.0002120 per MOON.

The trading volume for Moonseer has also been pushed up 67.05% in the past 24-hours and it is constantly being raised by the huge contribution of the bulls.

If the bulls continue with their constant gathering of Moonseer, its price may move up to a higher mark. At the moment, the first target that the bulls have is $0.0004242 per MOON, and they have no intentions of stopping at that.

The main goal of the bulls is to elevate the RSI of Moonseer more into the bullish territory. If they succeed in that, then the moving averages for Moonseer may also move in the same line. This would result in the value of Moonseer getting pushed higher, and it may soon land in the resistance territory.

The second resistance mark that the bulls may cross with higher determination is worth $0.0006367 per MOON. This would also elevate the confidence of the investors who would rally to acquire more Moonseer. This would eventually push the price of Moonseer to a high of $0.0007961 per MOON.

Lamden Grows by 101.15%

Lamden has also observed a great push made by the bulls in the past 24-hours. The strong rally has succeeded in moving Lamden’s price from a low of $0.04337 per TAU to a high of $0.08754 per TAU.

The data shows that the bulls had formed a 101.15% rally that helped push the price of Lamden to such a high trading value. It is expected that the bulls may continue doing the same in order to make the trend even more successfully and long-lasting.

Their approach would be to bring as many investors as possible to their side so they start investing in Lamden and increase its demand. If this happens, then the price of Lamden may soon rise up to the resistance channel.

The first high price Lamden may try to hit would be $0.1318 per TAU. Such a growth rate would eventually push the RSI and the moving averages for Moonseer to the positive zone. This would result in pushing the value of Lamden to a high of $0.1651, and then a high of $0.1838 per TAU.