Price Analysis of Metacoin (MTC), Million (MM), and Kambria (KAT)

It is time to go through the price analysis of Metacoin, Million, and Kambria, as they have been demonstrating high gains in the past 24-hours.

Metacoin Bulls push it up by 79.65%

On March 11, the value of Metacoin (MTC) exhibited a low figure at $0.1434 per MTC. The bears kept selling Metacoin in order to push its price down. However, the bulls finally managed to counter their selling pressure with their buying prowess.

The bulls rallied in a huge number, which resulted in growing the value of Metacoin by 79.65%. At the time of publication, the value of Metacoin is at $0.4931 per MTC.

If the bulls keep building enough buying power, then more investors may keep joining their league, which would elevate Metacoin to $0.6895 per MTC.

As the investors keep growing more positive sentiments about Metacoin, its price may surge to $0.8268 per MTC. If the determination level of the bulls grows significantly, they may start adding more value to Metacoin with increased buying. This would push the value of Metacoin up to the major resistance mark ($0.9092).

Million Bulls push it up by 63.95%

The value of Million has elevated by 63.95% in the past 24-hours. The bulls have rallied in favor of Million and its value has risen to $8.56 per MM. At the moment, the bulls are very confident about their acquisition of Million, and they are sure that the neutral investors will also join their cause.

With such strong sentiments, the bulls may continue acquiring Million, pushing its value to $9.92 per MM.

From time to time, the bears may attempt to counter the bulls by increasing their selling power for Million. The RSI for Million is also moving higher alongside the trend line for Million. If the relative strength index continues growing stronger, the value of Million may grow up to $10.72 per MTC.

If the bulls do not lose their acquisition sentiments and continue going for more acquisitions, Million’s price may surge to $11.15 per MTC.

Kambria Bulls push it up by 62.54%

The price of Kambria has also gone skyrocket in the past 24-hours as the bulls have formed a 62.54% rally. The rally has increased the price of Kambria to $0.002243 per KAT, making it much more profitable for the acquirers.

As the bulls keep going for higher Kambria gains, then its price may elevate to $0.002944 per KAT. As the price of Kambria keeps getting pushed higher, the courage of the bears may continue getting lowered. This would give more advantage to the bulls eager to increase the value of Kambria.

In the upcoming days, the price of Kambria may get pushed up to the second resistance mark ($0.003404) and then to the third resistance mark ($0.003671).