Price Analysis of JUST (JST) and Stargate Finance (STG)


JUST has undergone a significant rally in the past 24-hours, which has pushed its price to a higher benchmark. Before the rally was recorded, the value of JUST was at a low price of $0.059 per JST.

Although the bears kept the bulls down with stronger selling power, the bulls kept resisting them, which eventually pushed JUST’s price higher.

The bulls managed to launch a 17.43% rally in the past 24-hours, which pushed the price of JUST to its high price of $0.06991 per JST.

Even after achieving a high price, the bulls are showing no signs of slowing down. They want to continue with their buying spree and keep hitting higher resistance marks for JUST.

The trading volume’s 220.81% growth rate is confirming that the current sentiments of the bulls are high and they may not give up that easily to the bears.

At the moment, the technical factors for JUST are pointing to the stronger bullish trend for JUST. This means that it would be much easier for the bulls to hit a higher price than let the bears run the show.

With positive sentiments and strong backing from the investors, the bulls may try and elevate JUST’s price to $0.07134 per JST. Going forward, the price of JUST may grow even higher, and the strong resistance mark for JUST would be $0.08017 per JST.

Stargate Finance (STG)

The bulls for Stargate Finance are still very positive when it comes to acquiring more Stargate Finance. They have been forming strong rallies and in the past 24-hours, the rally rate has been 19.42%.

It is due to the high rally rate that the price of Stargate Finance has surged from a low of $2.67 per STG to a high of $3.41 per STG.

As the bulls keep sustaining the selling pressure from the bears and keep acquiring Stargate Finance, then its price may soar to $3.94 per STG.

With the passage of time, the bulls may gain more strength and their buying power may succeed in elevating Stargate Finance to $4.23 per STG.

On the other hand, if the bears keep causing problem for the bulls at $3.41 per STG and the bulls fail to sustain their pressure, then Stargate Finance may move downward. Once Stargate Finance starts moving in the negative zone, then the bears may keep building their pressure and attempt to bring it down to $3.13 per STG.

As the bulls continue losing their confidence, they may not be able to hold the bears off at the support checkpoints. This would allow the bears to drag Stargate Finance below the $3.00 per STG support checkpoint, and then $2.57 per STG.