Price Analysis of GRAP (GRAP), NuriFootBall (NRFB), and Green Chart (GREEN)

The price analysis data surrounding GRAP (GRAP) has revealed that in the past 24-hours, its price has dipped by 66.35%. As a result of the dip, the price of GRAP has been pulled down to $0.04851 per GRAP.

The current plunge in the price of GRAP suggests that the investors are losing their confidence. Therefore, they have started selling GRAP on a large scale has triggered a high selling spree, pulling its price down to $0.03638.

If the bulls are not strong enough against the bears, then the price of GRAP may start plunging even more. This would result in bringing the price of GRAP down to $0.03234. If the RSI travels deeper into the negative territory for GRAP, then its price may drop to its third strong support mark ($0.02994).

NuriFootBall (NRFB) has also experienced a huge dip in its price in the past 24-hours. The dip in the price of NuriFootBall was reportedly 64.74%. As a result, NuriFootBall is now being traded at a price of $0.08438.

If the investors keep losing their confidence in supporting NuriFootBall, then the price of NuriFootBall may submerge to $0.05706 per NRFB. If the moving averages and the RSI for NuriFootBall travel deep into the negative territory, then NuriFootBall’s price may dip to $0.04782.

As the bears keep increasing their selling power, then the price of NuriFootBall may get plunged to $0.04395.

Green Chart (GREEN) is the next cryptocurrency that has also observed a huge dip in its price in the past 24-hours. The TradingView data suggests that the price of Green Chart has submerged by 57.49% in the past 24-hours. Due to the plummet, the price of the Green Chart has traveled down to $0.000008657 per GREEN.

A few days back, the price of the Green Chart recorded by TradingView was still, which meant that the bulls and bears were equal in number. The resistance went on for a few days until the bears prevailed, and took down the bulls in the process.

This resulted in launching a huge selling spree while the bulls were not able to pose many challenges. Due to the strong selling power of the bears, the price of the Green Chart may dip to $0.000006168.

If the number of investors selling Green Chart continues to rise, then the price of the Green Chart may drop to the second strong support mark ($0.000004394).

The RSI for Green Chart is already in the negative territory and it may start traveling deeper into the particular zone. This would extend the time period for the bearish trend and it would keep submerging Green Chart’s price. As a result, the price of the Green Chart may dip to the third strong support mark ($0.000003131).