Price Analysis of Duckie Land (MMETA) and Zodium (ZODI)

Duckie Land (MMETA) and Zodium (ZODI) have both reportedly earned the spotlight demonstrating high performance in the past 24-hours. Their performance has been on par with some of the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the crypto-verse today.

Both cryptocurrencies have displayed a lot of potential and they are gaining more attention among investors. CoinMarketCap has also shared an analysis report for both cryptocurrencies on how well they have performed in the past 24-hours.

Duckie Land Displaying 4903.92% Rally

Duckie Land has caught the tremendous attention of the bulls in the past 24-hours, which is why Duckie Land has observed a great surge in its value. It is due to the constant purchasing of Duckie Land by the bulls that a 4903.92% rally has been formed. Due to the rally, the value of Duckie Land has risen to $0.7949 per MMETA, which was just $0.01593 per MMETA 24-hours back.

Where do Bulls Stand Now?

Still, the bulls seem to be very strong-minded about keeping the rally for Duckie Land as it is and pushing Duckie Land to a high figure. If the sentiments of the bulls remain intact, they may find it easier to fight against the bears and push Duckie Land’s value to $1.92 per MMETA.

For the bulls, the main agenda is to elevate the RSI line enough so that it starts traveling within the bullish zone. Once Duckie Land’s RSI makes it to the positive territory, it may hit a value of $3.28 per MMETA.

Once Duckie Land hits $3.28, it would act as a launchpad for the bulls to rise even more. If all goes to plan, then the price of Duckie Land may get elevated to $4.44 per MMETA.

What if Bears Take the Flag?

It would be an extremely difficult task for the bears to overcome the bulls. However, if the bears increase their selling power enough, they may force the bulls out of the competition. If that happens, then the price of Duckie Land may plummet to $0.6359 per MMETA.

If the bears go for a stronger push and are able to sink the RSI deeper into the negative zone, then Duckie Land may plummet to $0.5150 per MMETA.

Zodium (ZODI) Exhibits 259.88% Rally

Zodium (ZODI) is also running on the bullish track where it has witnessed its value surge by 259.88% in the past 24-hours. The value for Zodium is currently over $0.2719 per ZODI and it may continue rising if the bulls do not lose their interest in accumulating Zodium.

If things go smoothly for the bulls, then the price of Zodium may hit the unit price of $0.6252 per ZODI. The bulls gain the opportunity of going for another major push if the bears do not come near the bulls, and push Zodium to $1.03 per ZODI.