Price Analysis of Dotmoovs (MOOV) and HNC COIN (HNC)

Dotmoovs (MOOV) – 169.62% Surge

The price of Dotmoovs has experienced a significant surge in the past 24-hours, pushing its value to a higher mark. The data shows that the price of Dotmoovs experienced a 169.62% surge in the past 24-hours, which moved its price up to a high of 0.01641 per MOOV. Before the rally was launched by the bulls, the value of Dotmoovs was at a low of $0.006637 per MOOV.

As the rally is currently strong, the bulls may continue pushing harder from their end, so they can keep winning against the bears. If the bulls keep pouring more money into Dotmoovs, the value of Dotmoovs may continue elevating.

The first high mark the bulls may try and hit with their strong acquisition ability would be $0.02336 per MOOV. If the confidence of the bulls doesn’t hinder and they keep going for higher gains of Dotmoovs, then the price of Dotmoovs may elevate to $0.02775 per MOOV.

Once the RSI for Dotmoovs elevates higher into the bullish zone, the trend for Dotmoovs may become even more bullish. This would result in the bulls adding more money to acquire as many Dotmoovs as possible. This would push the price of Dotmoovs to a high of $0.03002 per MOOV.

If the bulls are unable to resist the strong selling power of Dotmoovs, then the price of Dotmoovs may dive down to $0.01476 per MOOV.

The bears may continue with their selling activity at a higher scale, constantly pushing through the strong support defenses set by the bulls. If the bulls are not able to stop the bears, then the price of Dotmoovs may dip to $0.01329 per MOOV.

Going forward, the bears may increase their selling power, which would intensify the entire process, and bring Dotmoovs further down to $0.01196 per MOOV.

HNC COIN (HNC) – 123.34% Surge

When it comes to HNC COIN, the bulls have shown that they have higher control over HNC COIN than the bears. In the past 24-hours, the bulls have launched a strong (123.34%) rally against the bears, which has pushed the price of HNC COIN to a high of $0.02254 per HNC.

If the buying power of the bulls continues surging, more investors may continue joining their ranks, to make the rally stronger. This would result in pushing the price of HNC COIN to higher resistance marks.

Going forward, the first high resistance mark the bulls may try and hit with their strong ability to acquire HNC COIN would be $0.03644. If the rally keeps growing stronger and the number of supporters also increases in favor of the bullish run, the price of HNC COIN may surge to $0.04767 per HNC.