Price Analysis of DogeKing (DOGEKING), PoolTogether (POOL), and Quantum (QUA)

DogeKing (DOGEKING) Observes 74.18% Growth

On March 13, the value of DogeKing hovered at a lower figure of $0.00000004326 per DOGEKING, which was a low figure. In the next few days, the value of DogeKing continued dropping, going all the way down to $0.00000002578 per DOGEKING.

From March 17 onwards, the bulls and the bears tried their best to win against their competitor. However, it was the bulls who finally picked up the pace in the past 24-hours, and formed a 74.18% rally. This resulted in pushing the value of DogeKing all the way up to $0.00000005995 per DOGEKING.

The sentiments of the investors are currently positive and they are eager to add more value to DogeKing. Therefore, the investors may continue acquiring as many DogeKing as possible. This would push the price of DogeKing up to $0.00000008218 per DOGEKING.

As the demand for DogeKing continues growing, more investors would start accumulating DogeKing. This would elevate the price of DogeKing up to $0.00000009743 per DOGEKING.

As more investors jump in to acquire more DogeKing, the value of DogeKing may correspond to such activity. This would result in pushing the price of DogeKing up to $0.0000001064 per DOGEKING.

PoolTogether (POOL) Observes 71.13% Growth

PoolTogether is also experiencing a high trend as the investors have put in extra effort to push it into the positive zone. The bulls have gone on to increase the acquisition power for PoolTogether, which has formed a 71.13% rally. Due to the rally, the price of PoolTogether from a low of $2.31 per POOL to a high of $4.60 per POOL.

If the investors keep pouring in more money for PoolTogether, then the value of PoolTogether may increase significantly. With more sentiments turning positive, the price of PoolTogether may start moving into the positive zone.

This would result in pushing the price of PoolTogether all the way up to $6.23 per POOL. Even now, the RSI for PoolTogether is at 45.7, and the moving averages are also supporting the same trend. This would eventually push the price of PoolTogether up to $7.34 per POOL.

Going forward, the ability of the bulls may increase in order to acquire more PoolTogether. This would result in PoolTogether achieving another major price ($7.99).

Quantum (QUA) Observes 71.06% Growth

Quantum investors have also followed the same track as the DOGEKING and POOL investors. They have been adding more value to Quantum by acquiring QUA at a very high scale.

In the past 24-hours, the buyers have formed a 71.06% rally in favor of Quantum, which has elevated its value to $16.06 per QUA.

If the bulls keep buying Quantum, its value may continue surging. This would eventually elevate the price of Quantum to $21.76 per QUA. With more positive sentiments, the bulls may succeed in acquiring more Quantum, which would push Quantum to $25.63 per QUA.