Price Analysis of BHPCoin, Magic Ethereum Money, Bitcoin God, and Catcoin

BHPCoin (BHP) had reportedly been observing a unit price of $0.3799 per BHP on February 26, which was a low figure. The bulls have managed to form a powerful (201.77%) rally against all odds, and have pushed its price to $1.15 per BHP.

This is a clear indication of an uptrend in favor of BHPCoin, which would see the price of BHPCoin grow up to higher benchmarks. The candlestick pattern shows that there is a long tail, representing a great surge in the buying ability of the investors.

The pattern backed by the RSI hovering the positive zone would push BHPCoin to $2.31 per BHP. If the bulls keep adding more power to their buying ability, then BHPCoin may hit $3.47 per BHP.

Magic Ethereum Money (MEM) was reportedly at a low price of $0.000002534 per MEM at the beginning of February 26. However, the value of Magic Ethereum Money has soared by 93.09%, bringing its unit value up to $0.000004917 per MEM.

At the moment, there are strong sentiments backing up the bulls, favoring them to keep pushing Magic Ethereum Money to higher prices. The bulls may go for continuous investments for Magic Ethereum Money, which would push it over the overhead resistance mark of $0.00001391.

As the RSI keeps traveling in the positive territory, Magic Ethereum Money may grow over the moving averages. The strong buying ability of the investors may push Magic Ethereum Money up to $0.00001391.

Bitcoin God (GOD) faced a lot of resistance on February 26, crossing the $4.00 per GOD figure, but the bulls have finally managed to make it happen. They cleared the obstacles placed by the bears by increasing their buying power and rallying the investors to their side. As a result, an 83.51% rally has been formed that has set an elevating track for Bitcoin God.

If the bulls keep adding more value to Bitcoin God, then it would rise up to $9.38 per GOD. Bitcoin God would have more margin of growth and if the bulls keep going at it, they may hit a unit price of $11.34 per GOD.

Catcoins (CATS) has observed a 74.93% rally that has pushed its price to a higher figure. On February 26, Catcoins observed a unit price of $0.000000000688, but after the rally, it is at $0.000000001211 per CATS.

At the moment, the bullish trend for Catcoins is supported by the RSI and the moving averages. This means that Catcoins may continue growing higher in value for as long as the investors keep accumulating them.

As a result, Catcoins’ value may rise up to $0.000000001664 and if the trendline rises, even more, ten Catcoins may hit $0.000000001976.