Price Analysis of Belon DAO (BE) and (GRIMACE)

As per statistics, Belon DAO (BE) has observed a 70.08% rally in the past 24-hours, which is a strong demonstration of bulls. The Belon DAO bulls have shown that they have the strength of triggering a huge rally and maintaining for a reasonable amount of time.

The 70.08% is something that could not be achieved without the strong support of bulls. As of now, the unit price of Belon DAO is exhibiting a $0.001206 per BE figure.

It was on February 7, when the price of Belon DAO was at a low of $0.00074 per BE. However, Belon DAO has continued growing gradually from the particular mark and it has become a promising asset for the crypto-enthusiasts.

The performance scale for Belon DAO shows that the general perception and sentiments of the investors are with “strong buy”. This means that in near future, Belon DAO’s price may continue swelling and become more profitable for the investors.

If the investors keep throwing in more money in favor of Belon DAO’s accumulation, then its price may rise up to $0.002051 per BE. As momentum builds, more investors would soon gather up and try to increase the price of Belon DAO to a higher milestone.

If things go as predicted within the bullish sentiments, then Belon DAO’s price may grow up to $0.002769. The investors may try harder with their buying power again to push Belon DAO’s price up to the third strong resistance mark of $0.003255.

Looking at the negative side of Belon DAO, we would realize that the investors may also pose a lot of pressure to pull it downwards. If the bears prevail against the bulls, then the price of Belon DAO may be pulled deeper into the negative territory.

This would pull the price of Belon DAO down to its first strong support mark of $0.0009045. From that point, the bears may start pushing harder against the bulls, causing more damage to the value of Belon DAO. This would eventually bring the price of Belon DAO down to $0.0007537, and then down to $0.0006595. (GRIMACE) is also among the high performers in the past 24-hours, having observed an 84.42% rally. Due to the strong rally, the price of has reached up to $4.78 per GRIMACE. If the bulls keep increasing their buying power in favor of, then it may reach up to its first strong resistance mark of $6.79.

As the rally is growing higher in favor of, its value may also continue moving in the upward direction. Therefore, the price of may grow up to $8.23 per GRIMACE. Another push from the side of the investors with high positive sentiments would help push to $9.10 per GRIMACE.