Price Analysis of AutoShark DEX (FINS) and The One Ring (RING)

While there are several cryptocurrencies going for higher runs in the past 24-hours, there are cryptocurrencies going completely in the negative direction. Today, the two cryptocurrencies demonstrating the worst performances include AutoShark DEX (FINS) and The One Ring (RING). CoinMarketCap has shared the analysis data for these cryptocurrencies, which is to be kept in mind while investing in these assets.

AutoShark DEX Faces an 87.91% Plummet

In today’s crypto market, AutoShark DEX has observed a huge loss in its price. According to the analysis data, the value of AutoShark DEX has dipped by 87.91% in the past 24-hours. The dip has been caused due to a lack of confidence among investors about the bullish nature of AutoShark DEX. As a result of the dip, the value of AutoShark DEX has plummeted to $0.002294 per FINS.

A few days back, the value of AutoShark DEX was hovering around a high price of $0.002686 per FINS. However, the price of AutoShark DEX started descending after that point. In the past 24-hours, the dip has been enormous and the price of AutoShark DEX has been pushed down to its current value.

The RSI for AutoShark DEX has been traveling below 40, which means that AutoShark DEX is observing a negative trend. The more AutoShark DEX’s RSI keeps traveling within the negative zone, the higher the negative impact on AutoShark DEX’s value.

If the bulls do not fight against the bears, then the bears may continue pushing their price down. In the upcoming days, the price of AutoShark DEX may plummet to $0.001835.

If the bears continue building more selling pressure over AutoShark DEX bulls, then the investors supporting the bulls may start withdrawing. This would cause the price of AutoShark DEX to fall even lower to $0.001651 per FINS.

The One Ring Faces an 84.46% Plummet

At the moment, the price of The One Ring is also telling the same story as AutoShark DEX. The bears currently have control over the situation for The One Ring as they have already dipped its price by 84.46%. The bears are expected to do the same in the upcoming days, as they haven’t stopped selling The One Ring on a high scale.

At the time of publication, The One Ring’s trading price against USDT is $13.75 per RING. If the bears keep on adding more pressure over the bulls and investors with positive sentiments, then The One Ring may continue falling.

In near future, the increased selling power of the bears may sink the price of The One Ring to $11.00 per RING. If the selling spree of the bears continues, then the price of The One Ring may end up plummeting to $9.90 per RING.