Music Metal Band Launches Their NFT Collection

Another NFT entry from the music industry has been recorded. The Iconic Thrash band Megadeth has joined the Web3 space with the launch of their brand’s NFT collection. It is no news that different niches have all seen the web3 space as an avenue to invest and push their businesses.

Onboarding Music Band Into The Web3 Space

The music band recently released “The Rattleheads” collection to the public. The Megadeth Mascot Vic Rattlehead inspired this collection. This source of inspiration depicts the band’s music history transitioning from different themes over four decades.

The music band has successfully onboarded into the web3 space with the launch of its collection. Well-known creatives created this collection in the web3 space. The inspiration for this art came from a theme used in the band’s fan club.

However, the team said there are more utilities to be unraveled in the future. The announcement of this collection launch came on Dave Mustain’s birthday, one of the band members.

One of the team members stated that since they have been a band, their main priority was being at the top of every change.” Our first album set the stage for metal and also the first band with a website,” said Dave Mustain.

The Rattle Head collection oozes uniqueness with various arts from classic visuals and genres. This range is based on the four decades of revolution of this band. They have served as the most reputable metal band for four decades.

Entertainment Industry Moving Into Web3

However, it is no surprise that the band entered the NFT space. In the past, the metal band has used various technologies to push their music. So it was about time they moved into the next big thing. 

The band sees this as an opportunity to go dynamic with their music and bring something new to the table for fans. The band’s latest release, ” The Sick, The Dying, and The Dead,” sold over 48,000 copies, topping the Billboard 200 chart at number 3.

It is no news that Web3 has found its way into all aspects of life. At the beginning of this year, a songwriter launched his NFT collection, Doodles which is currently valued at $704million.

In April, superstar hip-hop artist Snoop-Dog launched his Death Row session as an NFT. This sale recorded 1000 copies sold at 100ETH, giving him a profit of $300,000.

Celebrities have also shown interest on the space. Tweeting about NFTs and also buying some. Basketballers have also recorded their top shot moment in clips and digitized it as NFTS.