Massive DDoS Attacks Hit Site

A website that targets to assist Bitcoin development has been reported to be assaulted with a heavy distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. The pseudonymous holder of, Cøbra, has posted on Twitter that someone had hit the website with a considerably enormous service denial (DDoS attack) as well as a demand for a ransom amount of BTC (Bitcoin) which is unrevealed. is, however, accessible at the time of this publication.

Cøbra stated that most of the ransom demands for Bitcoin and DDoS attacks were fought back previously, but time, he mentioned, he was more offended than ever. Although, in the past, the prominent crypto exchanges have been the target of the DDoS attack yet it looks a bit unfamiliar as the attackers are aiming the sites such as (which possesses no data about the users or funds and it only contains the open-source information of BTC blockchain and the overall cryptocurrency. In December, a similar attack targeted the company, which consequently restrained the users from getting at the software ‘Bitcoin Core’ for some hours.

In recent years, Bitfinex, OKEx, and Binance were the aim of most DDoS attacks. Currently, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, accused the competitors of Binance of being responsible for the attack on the company for causing harm to its reputation instead of stealing funds.

This time is not the first for the website to be discussed by the news during the recent weeks. Craig Wright, the person claiming to have developed Bitcoin, has also threatened several times. In the past week, the case of copyright infringement has been ruled in favor of Craig Wright by a court in the U.K., which ordered Cøbra to remove the white paper from the website while the lawsuit was not mounted with a defense by him. The court’s ruling in favor of Craig Wright indicates that he was a very influential personality in the field of cryptocurrency.

The pseudonymous proprietor of remarked for not appearing in the defense against the claim by describing that he did not think it to be reasonable to defend against nonsense as it would be a waste of time.

As a consequence of the ruling of the court, the access to download the program of Bitcoin Core was blocked by for any person using an IP address based in U.K. In addition, all the connections with the Bitcoin white paper have also been removed from the project.