LUB Becomes the First Crypto Token To Be Traded Inside Telegram

The LUB crypto became the pioneer token which is being directly traded on the fast-growing and famous messenger platform Telegram. LUB is overcoming this marketplace with about 500,000 million members, making it the first in an industry full of innovation already. LUB is an ERC-20 coin generated through the secure and popular Ethereum blockchain.

Bots Used as Trading Partners

Telegram offers LUB token traders the opportunity to facilitate their trading through a bot entirely. The bot is designed to handle trades accurately and swiftly. LUB’s developers are planning on rolling out several LUB extensions, including different language support like Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish languages on the bot. By doing so, it will be easier for the global community to access the platform much easier than before.

A company representative highlighted that: “it is very important for us to make easy access available for as many traders as possible. Therefore, in the next few days, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and French languages will be incorporated directly to the bot.”

Negotiation is ongoing between LUB and a wallet provider,, for collaboration which will make LUB the first crypto to be acquired on Metamask through telegram. Recent development revealed that bitcoin would be enabled soon as a deposit method on the platform.

“It will be quite convenient for users to convert ETH and USDT as well as other cryptos in their numbers like BTC to LUB,” the LUB representative continued.

Increasing Growth of the Platform Users

A couple of days ago, the number of LUB users on the Telegram platform had grown past 69,000. Currently, the number is over 100,000, which signifies the popularity of the cryptocurrency. The approaching launch of the token on other leasing exchanges will further sustain and strengthens the trends. However, the team of developers behind the token is looking toward its IPO.

“The token will be a great asset on Bitfinex, Houbi, Binance, and even Coinbase. Our partnership with cryptocurrency exchanges will validate the boosted project for the price increase of about 1% to 10% in a day,” the representative said.

The Language Diversity Support Will Boost Token Success

The company is sure that the expansion of supported languages will be of great and substantial increase to the LUB token immensely. The rise in the demand for the token will determine the price of the crypto in the future.

“Early adopters of the token will be the winners in this series of development. The ones who latch on it today will benefit tomorrow,” added the representative of the firm.