Litesfxtrade Review – Avoid Signing Up With This Broker

Litesfxtrade Review

Litesfxtrade logoLitesfxtrade is a scam broker. Because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency trading, the number of trading brokers such as Litesfxtrades has expanded, making it hard to select the right one for your trading journey, because many of those are scammers. This Litesfxtrade review will assist you in avoiding scams since this broker is a massive rip-off that promises the world but delivers nothing. We’ve gone over it in depth here. To know more, read this Litesfxtrade review!

An Anonymous Broker

Before deciding to create an account with an online broker, do your homework. You need to find out who they are because they will have control over your funds and a bunch of your private details. Trusting any firm through the internet is a bad idea since frauds exist, and you don’t want to be one. As a reason, you should look into Litesfxtrade and find out more here. As a result, their site’s anonymity will soon become apparent.

Litesfxtrade’s contact page does not contain any information about the company. They haven’t offered any company information or, any background details about the company. You’ll only discover an email address and a strange phone number, which won’t assist you much as you don’t know anything about the firm and can’t contact the firm’s representative in your hour of need.

Litexfxtrade website

Not A Licensed Broker

One of the best methods to tell if you’re dealing with a reputable and genuine broker is to see if they are licensed and can supply their services. Obtaining a license in the location in which they operate is not a problem for most professional brokers, as they are legal. Fraud brokers almost often operate without a permit, as this enables them to disappear without the worry of being held accountable for their actions.

There isn’t a single mention of any kind of authorization or license in the entire presentation on the broker’s website. Even if the firm gave a physical office address, be cautious because they would not be able to offer you the same degree of protection as a certified and authorized broker. Yes, Litesfxtrade claims to offer investment security, but they are unauthorized, therefore you can’t rely on them.

Trading Platform

The trading platform has to be the most significant tool supplied by an online brokerage firm because it connects you to financial markets and gives you the tools and other services you need for your trading journey. To summarize, it is a necessary quality without which active trading is impossible. As per Litesfxtrade’s claims, they offer a user-friendly and capable trading platform. You must look at its capabilities.

You’ll be astonished to learn that broker doesn’t provide any kind of trading platform. If a trading platform is a significant selling feature for an online broker, why wouldn’t they provide one? This demonstrates that the firm is a con artist who has no intention of providing you with any offerings, as they would have set up a platform if they did. Professional and reputable brokers frequently offer the MT4 or MT5 platforms, but neither of these is available here.

Cryptocurrency Payments Are Required

Always verify a broker’s payment options before depositing or withdrawing money. You want safe payment options that are also simple to use. When looking at Litesfxtrade’s payment options, it’s clear that the firm only accepts cryptocurrency payments. This may create the idea that it is a cutting-edge brokerage, but keep in mind that bitcoin payments are irreversible. Unlike credit and debit cards, which permit you to submit a chargeback if anything goes wrong.


When you consider the broker’s flaws and the gaps in the information, you’ll see that Litesfxtrade is not a platform you can believe in and that you should look for another. Just spend some time on the internet and try to find a suitable broker for yourself. I wish you good lucking with your trading adventure.