Litecoin and NEAR Protocol Observe Noteworthy Rallies in Past 7-Days, Things Look Bullish

In the past 7-days, Litecoin (LTC) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) have demonstrated high gains. It is due to the high confidence of the investors that such strong rallies have been formed in favor of the couple.

For now, both cryptocurrencies are observing a positive trend and if the bulls keep supporting them, their values may grow higher. The technical indicators for LTC and NEAR are also pointing towards a positive trend, and for now, it seems that both cryptocurrencies are set for higher elevations.

Let us closely analyze the performance of LTC and NEAR, seeing how they performed a week back, and where they would be in near future.


On March 18, Litecoin recorded a low price of $108.71 per LTC, but from that point, the price of Litecoin continued surging. The data shows that it took Litecoin a 12.39% surge in the past 7-days to push its price up to the current high of $125.15. Even the past 24-hours have recorded a 3.22% surge in Litecoin’s value.

The trading volume for Litecoin has also elevated 4.25% in the past 24-hours, and its valuation has also surged to $8,721,191,954.

The summary scale for Litecoin shows that at the moment 45.67% of investors are willing to buy Litecoin. Only 23% of the total investors are willing to sell Litecoin, while the rest are neutral about making a move.

The RSI for Litecoin is at 51.78 and the moving averages have leaned towards “buy” sentiments for Litecoin. This means that from this point onwards, Litecoin’s price may continue surging for good.

If the valuation, trading volume, and the trend for Litecoin continue growing more in favor of the bullish trend, then Litecoin’s price may surge to $130.43 per LTC.

If the percentage of the buyers versus the sellers keeps rising, the price of Litecoin may elevate to $137.23 per LTC. As the bulls grow stronger and the ratio of buyers increases, even more, the price of Litecoin may surge to $145.77 per LTC.

NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol has also recorded a 15.81% rally in the past 7-days and the rally it has observed in the past 24-hours is 1.01%. Although it has been a slight surge, still it has added up in moving the RSI and the moving averages for NEAR into the upstream.

As a result, the price of NEAR Protocol is now at a high of $12.57 per NEAR. If the bulls acquire NEAR Protocol at a significant rate, they may continue breaking the defenses of the bears. The first strong mark they hit would be $13.07 per NEAR, and then move up to $13.85 per NEAR.

Going forward, the bulls may go for another major run against the bears, which would push NEAR protocol up to $14.96 per NEAR.