Leading Altcoin XRP, Will it Decline Before Ascending? 

Despite insignificant activities, XRP was the week’s best-performing Altcoin. As the value exceeded the $0.5 milestone before dropping, the coin headed north with a steady growth of 18 percent. Additionally, several tokens have experienced mild everyday declines during the last week.

Currently, the crypto marketplace is experiencing a severe turn in the general trend of prices. The cryptocurrency resources have fluctuated over the last few weeks, heading south and north inclinations. Nevertheless, most cryptocurrency tokens shed virtually all of the gains they had made over the weekend after recovering marginally over the previous week. 

XRP Emerge As The Top Performer Of The Week

For the vast number of digital currencies, the weekend was unfavorable. Relatively low volumes were observed on the market on Saturday and continued into Sunday. By implication, most alternative currencies have experienced very slight price drops.

With gains of 18 percent over the last week, XRP came out on top. The achievement of this large-cap cryptocurrency is unmatched. The coin’s value has unexpectedly risen over its desired half-a-dollar level. 

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency asset, declined during the first trading hours. Ethereum is currently trading for less than $1,300. The same data apply to other cryptocurrencies, including DOT (Polkadot), SOL (Solana), and MATIC (Polygon).

Cardano, Shiba Inu, BNB, and Dogecoin had significant daily declines of around 2.5 percent. Furthermore, the top performer from Monday, QNT, has also declined.

Bitcoin Levitating Around The 19K Mark

BTC has been undergoing drastic struggles to move upward in the past hours. This struggle arose after the major cryptocurrency commodity dropped its anchor at the crucial $20K mark. With further negative momentum in the marketplace, Bitcoin is just about to fall beyond the $19,000 mark.

In recent times, BTC’s progress has been complicated. There are concerns that the principal cryptocurrency, now trading at $19K, won’t obtain additional support. Furthermore, the recent publication of the United States jobs data had a negative impact on BTC, which dropped by close to $1,000 after the news.

Bitcoin reached a three-week peak of $20,500 last Thursday. But it eventually began to travel south to $20,000 instead. The biggest cryptocurrency asset in the world was stuck in this crucial area for a few days until migrating south. Bitcoin is now up over the past day, trading at about $19,238.